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Zabloing was the previous leader of Republic of Zabloing. He died in Sogada during an attack towards Googas.

Early life

Zabloing was born in March of 1993 in Floppavia when it was ruled by RoZ. He lived in the tatra mountains but due to the huge amounts of winter he quite didn't enjoy it. He moved to Zabiy where he spent the rest of his life.

Zabloing had a much more peaceful childhood compared to other Caracals he is often associated with. Those who went to school with him describe him as a very down to earth guy. His hobbies as a child Included flopping, bloinging, and blinking. He was so naturally talented he earned a Gold Medal in bloinging at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and a bronze medal in flopping at the same Olympics when he was only 15, only losing to Floppa and Googas (only a friendly rival at the time) in Flopping.

He lived next to a railway in a house, he always got sick of various other trains going around so he often went on walks.

He ran for president in 2016 and won the elections, some say he rigged it.


Zabliong created the standardized units of measurement zabloings, each being based on one of himself.

Being leader of the RoZ.

Being leader of RoZ

Zabloing didn't do much for his presidency, he only undid some laws made by the previous leader.


Zabloing died in Canada on December 20, 2020 during an assassination attempt from Googas

A memorial of Zabloing was placed in Zabiy near the governmental building.His life was amazing.


Zabloing had a grudge against Trans Floppa, "for personal reasons, not because he is trans."

And he was ressurected by Zako (a mysterious entity) after it was seen taking his body away