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Craig Yoinkle was born on August 3rd 1982. His mother was an immigrant, she was captured by a gang of Floppas in Africa, she managed to escape and fled to Atlanta, UFA, where Craig was born. When Craig’s father realized his girlfriend was pregnant, he immediately ditched her to raise the child on her own. His whereabouts are unknown. Ever since Craig was a child, he’d wanted to be a rapper. When he was 11 he started practicing, and in 1998 he started his career as a rapper. His mother died 6 years later when Craig was 22. He then started work on his album in his mother’s name. He has yet to release his album, but it has been hinted there will be 7 new songs on it.


Craig Yoinkles career has been tough. His mother’s death stunted his work on his album, and since he is a Yoinkle, he is hated by many. He is popular in areas populated with Soggas, and he is hoping when he releases his album, it will help other species see the potential in Yoinkles. In Craig Yoinkles words, “I started work on my album hoping it can solve, or at least help the problem.” “I know many Floppas and Bingus' love rap, and maybe once I release my album it can bring us together.” “I just hope I can make my mother proud.” Craig’s album has been teased to being released in 2022, and we look forward to what he will produce.