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"U Jelly?" -Troll Floppa after trolling.

Troll Floppa was a Floppa variation with a troll face on their face.

Background And Career[]

Daquan the III also known professionally as "Troll Floppa", grew up on the westside of Chiflop later moving to California.

His mother and family are of Chiflopese ethnicity; his paternal line however can be traced back to Chegg II of Spain, last member of the spanish branch of the House of Habsog.

Chegg migrated in Chiflop in order to become an aid of the Chiflop Emperor, working as a mathematician and philosopher, devising new systems to increase the efficiency of the production of crops and prototyping the steam engine. Chegg's great abilities were noticed during a diplomatic visit of the Chiflop royalty to spain. After a secret meeting between the emperor and Chegg, he decided he would work for the Emperor; his abilities had to be hidden from his family somehow. So he faked a mental disability, and at the age of 39 he faked his death to travel to Chiflop. Along with his knowledge of the western arts, he was able to offer great insight and new perspectives to the Dynasty. He would prove to be a valuable asset until his assasination after a quarrel with another intellectual born from a chess game.

Troll floppa, being descended from Chegg, inherited the Habsog chin, which explains his appearence.

Troll Floppa left Chiflop at the age of 16 years with no education whatsoever and moved to west coast California to start a rap career.

At the age of 17 he became affiliated with the Rolling 90's Floppa as a runner for street drugs, however when he turned 18 he dropped his first album "Death By A Troll" featuring big artists such as "Bingus" and up and coming artist "Choppa Floppa". This earned him respect in the Rolling 90's Floppas and he was promoted from a runner into a hitman.

Later on in life at the age of 20 he released and albumn dissing Big Floppa, calling him "a pussy ass bitch who dont spin for his gang", three weeks later Big Floppa was found deceased after a presumed drive by on December 24 2019. Even though the streets and the people knew what had clearly happened the Police could not investigate Troll Floppa as there was no evidence leading towards him, and "the song lyrics are not enough evidence" Chief of the DPD. 8 months later Troll Floppa dropped an album called "Flop No Moe" where he talks about struggling with depression and addiction.

It was later discovered that most of Troll Floppa's lyrics were based around his secret gay affair with Chinp Floppa, hence the lyrics, "That floppa Chinp got a long trouser snake." His suicide may have been related to public discovery of his sexuality.


3 days after dropping his "Flop no moe" album he was found dead in his California mansion. He set himself on fire after he covered himself in oil.

It was later discovered that this was a ruse and he had stolen a stuffed caracal diorama from the Griffith Observatory. His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is suspected that he has migrated to the Republic of Bingustan.


Troll Floppa was notable for his iconic catchphrase though the case was dismissed due to technological errors in his file that day. Interestingly, each computer connected to the LAPD's servers contained an error message, also reading "Floplem?" but in Bingusian as opposed to Floppish.