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Alexei N. Floppa (1982-2028), otherwise known as Trans Floppa, was a prominent member and advocate of the LGBT community in the Floppaslavia political sphere, bestselling author, and detective on the controversial deaths of Chinp Floppa and Big Floppa, even though he investigated that himself instead of the police-issued investigators. He was cool flop.


Born in Sogmara, Floppaslavia into a middle class traditional-values Floppist home, Alexei lived a semi-comfortable life growing up. Despite this fact, Alexei witnessed the wealth disparity in his hometown grow. At the same time, the government continually defunded essential services needed to help poor Floppaslavians survive. In 2001, Alexei wrote his first, and arguably most important, book, titled The Floppaslavian Gap. The title referring to the ever shrinking Floppaslavian middle class. In his book, Alexei argued that, as the traditional trickle-down economics of Floppaslavia continued, the richest members of Floppaslavian society would consolidate more wealth than the entire middle and lower classes combined. This would eventually lead to economic collapse and, in all likelihood, a full scale revolution by the lower class Floppaslavians.

Alexei's book inspired many Floppaslavians to take direct action against the consolidation of wealth. The historically business-controlled Floppaslavian government found itself in a wake of large disapproval. The effects of Alexei's first book did not immediately take place, but over time as Alexei had proven to be a very prominent figure in Floppaslavian government, his ideology had taken partial hold of the government.

In 2019, Alexei announced his bid for Governor of the State of Soggenia. His announcement was met with very positive approval from Soggenia residents, but he was not without opposition. His gubernatorial rival was among one of the most well known and experienced politicians of Soggenia. The 2020 gubernatorial race was expected to be neck and neck, as both candidates had heavy influence in Soggenia. Early polling suggested that Alexeis' opponent held a very slight advantage over Alexei.

In January of 2020, Alexei launched his most infamous campaign ads, each of which directly attacking current Soggenian policies. One of the ads depicted many Soggen citizens in apparent peril financially, struggling to find food for their families due to the cancellation of the nation's widely used Food Bank programs, at the end claiming "The Soggen government doesn't care about these people so what gives us the idea they care about us?". These ads were a major driving force for voters. But they had their critics, Many stating that Alexei's campaigns were "Sewing revolutionary and terroristic thought into the minds of the viewer", these comments were dismissed by Alexeis' campaign manager.

On November 8th of 2020, Alexei Floppa was officially elected the 41st Governor of Soggenia. Alexeis' opponent in his concession speech, disapproved of Alexei as Governor saying "She will drive Soggenia to the ground." Alexei Floppa is the first LGBT member elected to a government position in Floppaslavia. The Tsar of Floppaslavia had congratulated Alexei on his victory, yet when questioned on his bigoted comments in the past did not comment.

Political Alignment[]

Alexei is famous for his strong disapproval of trickle-down economics, stating that "Less taxation of corporations and the rich does not lead to economic stimulus, it ultimately leads to build up and economic ruin." Alexei is also famous for his progressive take on issues such as gay marriage, racial inequality, and gun control. These combined have lead to controversies surrounding his beliefs, including allegations that he was supposedly "bluepilled", and shockingly, "cringe". No confirmation has ever been reached from these allegations, and investigations into said claims were halted in mid 2021.

Alexei has expressed a deep disdain towards the proposed "privatization of government services" and the defunding of said existing government services. Alexei claims that in order for a service to be run effectively, it needs to prioritize people over profit, something a privatized model can inherently not do.

Literary Works and Reception[]

Alexei Floppa's first book, The Floppaslavian Gap, received near universal praise from critics and readers alike. The book was panned by government officials, but the sheer popularity of the work allowed it to be praised by nearly all citizens. There was critique from the higher class, as the book included direct callouts to their past behavior with government involvement.

Alexei would go on to write a second book, The Gap Expands: How to Close the Economic Divide. His second literary romp would receive nearly the same amount of praise as his first, although it had a smaller overall impact compared to the success of his first book. His strong stances on the economic systems enforced by the Floppaslavian government shine strong in his second book, as he makes direct calls to action. It has been speculated that this book inspired a new genre of literature, "Floppanomics," which delves deep into the social-economic plight of the lower classes and the struggle up the social ladder that many Floppaslavians attempt.


Alexei was the target of the Bluepill Investigation, a federal investigation enacted by the opposition party to scour for evidence that Alexei Floppa had been "Bluepilled". After no convincing evidence had been found, the investigation was called off and all charges dropped against Alexei.

In January of 2021, a radical group called to investigate further, this time additionally including the charges of being "Cringe". The group soon dropped the allegations when they were threatened with legal action themselves for allegations of the group's leader having sex.


On March 5th, 2028 Trans Floppa was assasinated by the Floppaeda Terrorist Organization. They claimed that due to Trans Floppa's track record as a detective they decided that he was a threat to their organization.

Following his death, a memorial was put in Soggenia to respect his memory. Greg Flop took the lead as a top investigator of the world and found out the location of Floppamed Al-Googas. His place of the governor of Soggenia was also replaced with Sergey Sogayin.