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The Teachers are the three Floppist missionaries that are the first to spread Floppism worldwide. In the Floppist Church, the three Teachers are seen as the same and equal; the missionaries of Floppus. The Gaeae Floppist Church sees Teacher Gaeae as the leader and the holiest among them all.

Teacher Floue[]

Teacher Floue (999-911 BC) is believed to be the first and only missionary to be directly taught by the Messenger of Floppus. He created the early Floppist Church and indirectly made the first Floppist state, the Holy Floppaslavian Empire (887-565 BC).

Teacher Gaeae[]

Teacher Gaeae (431-395 BC) is the most famous of the three missionaries. He traveled to Europe and Asia to spread the word of Floppus and the only apostle to have more than five thousand followers. The Macedonian Empire executed Teacher Gaeae for trying to convert a Macedonian nobility.

Teacher Almea[]

Teacher Almea (1012-1103) is the only missionary that is considered holy during medieval times and the only one to be non-Floppaslavian. He is also the oldest known apostle. He was born in northern Africa near Egypt. Teacher Almea died because of a stroke.