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'Notice of Distressing and or Shocking Content (NDSC)"
This warning is meant to say that there are some "touchy" subjects that may actually pose a threat in real life, or just frightening subjects in general, which are possibly distressing and or shocking content, and is not meant for the faint of heart. We are not endorsing this subject in any form, and we are just parodying it in a friendly manner.

Reason: The SCP Foundation, and in turn the FCP Foundation contain depictions of torture, suicide, self-harm, child murder, pedophilia, ritual sacrifice, self-mutilation, mass murder, genocide, arson, child slavery, human trafficking and more.

Symbol Of Le Foundation™️

Access to this document may only be given to D-2+ personnel only. Anyone of the lower class or with no affiliation to the Foundation shall be [REDACTED].

The FCP (Flop, Contain, Protect) Foundation is a secretive foundation ran by the so called FSB5 (FSB Stands for Floppa, Sogga, Bingus) council and (not run by the Flobama Institute and is completely independent). The FCP Foundation's goal is to contain all extremely dangerous creatures and objects and protect normal life in the world. The foundation was started during the 1940's all the way possibly even in the 19th century. The foundation has contained many if not most anomalous entities and objects, with possibly the most dangerous been Amog-8. The Foundation battles a massive battle against the Flopsworn, who seek to consume and subjugate all of reality, thankfully it is an uphill battle against the F.C.P and the Flopsworn are repelled relatively easily.

The Foundation has containted 176 entities/objects in total. The Foundation has 5 classes within it's personnel:

  • Disposable - 1 (Class-DF and janitors)
  • Scientific Department - 2 (scientists)
  • Guards - 3 (normal guards)
  • Special Armed Divisions (SAD) or Field Agents (FA) - 4 (high-ranking guards, FTF Personnel)
  • [REDACTED] - 5 ([REDACTED]).

Currently the foundation has managed not to reach the public eye.

Ranking System[]

The FCP Foundation has 3 ranking systems, each with 4-8 levels to categorize its anomalies:

Object Classes[]

  • Safe (easy to contain, usually immobile)
  • Soglid (harder to contain)
  • Flokker (very hard to contain)
  • Bingihel (used to contain others)
  • Explained (for objects that are no longer considered anomalous)
  • Neutralized (for objects that have been killed, usually accidentally)
  • Kiralk-(Insert other class here) (could be contained, but isnt for some reason. the other rank dictates how hard it would be to contain.)
  • Floppolyon (impossible to contain)
  • Decomissioned (intentionally killed, also sometimes called Terminated)

Danger Level[]

  • Easy (harmless or very weak)
  • Danger (quite deadly)
  • Critical (very deadly)
  • Catastrophe (extremely deadly)
  • Apocalypse (can destroy the world)

Disruption Level[]

  • Ent (unnoticable/very low disruption)
  • Light (large amounts of disruption)
  • Solar (huge amounts of disruption)
  • Kilonova (extreme amounts of disruption, generally a world-ending event)



Sites are known to the public. They usually have a cover, such as warehouses or secret military base, but are not directly owned by the FCP foundation. They are managed by the 2-Flop council. They are smaller and contain less dangerous anomalies.

  • Site-1, Somewhere in the Saharan Desert, Bingroco
  • Site-7, Somewhere in the Ural Mountain Range, Flopsha
  • Site-2,Somwhere in the Mojave Desert, United Flops of America
  • Site-13, 36 miles north of Flopcouver, Sogada
  • Site-6, in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, United Flops of America
  • Site-6-2, 3 miles west of Floppopavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Flopsha
  • Site-91, 72 miles northeast of Googask, Flopsha
  • Site-4, Flopstein Military Base, Rhineland-Floppalatinate, Flopmany
  • Site-4-2, Bingsmen Naval Base, Bingsmen-Flopdenburg, Flopmany
  • Site-86, Floplympus, Freece
  • Site-81, somewhere in Ireland
  • Site-47, 2 miles west of Oxflop, United Kingdom of Great Sogtain and Northen Ireland
  • Site-19, somewhere in the UFA
  • Site 69:somewhere in Freece


Areas are not known to the public, and are directly owned by the FCP foundation. They are managed by trusted members of the 2-Flop , and contain the most dangerous FCPs. These areas are mostly used to contain enormous FCPs.

Groups Of Interest[]

G0Is, or Groups of Interest are external groups that engage with the Foundation in certain ways.

G0I 1 AKA "Chaos Flopsurgency" (attempts to capture fcp objects for use, attempts to destroy foundation assets)

G0I 2 AKA "Global Floppult Coalition" (attempts to destroy fcps, will destroy all foundation assets that interfere in this)

G0I 3 AKA "Flopderson Robotics" (creates several robotic fcps)

G0I 4 AKA "Doctor Sogdertainment Enterprises" (creates several toy-like fcps)

G0I 5 AKA "Sogpents Hand" (attempts to free fcps from containment, will destroy all foundation assets that interfere in this)

G0I 6 AKA "Floplik Cults" (yup. its a cult)

G01 7 AKA "Black Sogga Anomalous Corporation" (BS.AC) (uses other G0Is to bring them anomalies to sell, does not engage foundation assets)



0-Flop Council[]

The 0-flop council are the absolute commanders of the foundation. They know all, they see all, they command all. They are but a mere myth to even the most high ranking FCP employees. The 0-flop council is devised of sixty nine members. These council members are themselves anomalous and non-floppa in nature. For example, 0-flop-65 is a Sog'raqi, 0-flop-14 is a normal floppa with anomalous abilities, while 0-flop-69 is a completely normal floppa. (henceforth making them anomalous) There is a known legend that one being commands even these elusive council members.

1-Flop Overwatch[]

The 1-Flop Overwatch are a council of six people (two binguses, two soggas, two floppas) who manage the foundation. While the 0-Flop Council commands the 1-Flop Overwatch, the Overwatch takes control of the areas and primarily manages single FCPS.

Zone Managers/2-Flop Council[]

Zone Managers command sites and zones. W.I.P.

More ranks to come.[]


As an organization dedicated to the scientific research and containment of various anomalies, the FCP Foundation has many studies related to the current state of space and reality, which caused said anomalies. All of these studies were used to improve containment method, as well as predicting and anticipating possible future FCPs.

Study of Timelines[]

In the universe, there are infinite possibilities that could lead to diverse kinds of timelines. The main timeline of the universe is the Floppaverse timeline, where the FCP Foundation mentioned here is currently in. Most timelines documented by the FCP Foundation are mostly just predictions to prevent possible future mistakes, but after further research, it is revealed that timelines are indeed infinite. Because of that, every predictions made by the FCP Foundation could have happened in an alternate timeline, so the Foundation decided to make a designation for every single one of them. Every event that affect every timeline are also designated. Following are the list of timelines:

  • FTM-1 (Time Level One), prime universe, the Floppaverse timeline
  • FTM-17742X, the Flopsworn War timeline. Caused by Event-X210 (A gate almost opened in Site-21 Arizona).
  • FTM-3334B, Big Floppa didn't get murdered in this timeline. Caused by Event-B320 (Lil Floppa sacrificed himself).
  • FTM-3153B, Chegg became the leader of Floppa Clan. Caused by Event-B355 (Big Floppa chose Chegg as his successor).
  • FTM-4641C, Bingus didn't kill himself and became the world's greatest leader. Caused by Event-C251 (Bingus chose not to kill himself).
  • FTM-2613C, Floppersia is still a world power. Caused by Event-C514 (Floppersia won the Sogmean War).

Study of Realms[]

Study of the Flopsworn[]

Known FCPs[]

FCP-003 Amog-8

FCP-099 The Barack Flobama Who Laughs

FCP-004 Sus Bingus

FCP-121 Floppazilla

FCP-077 Faloppa the Great Bear

FCP-110 The Flopsworn

FCP-173 The Peanut

FCP-096 The Shy Flop

FCP-045 Doctah Bri'ish

FCP-023 Immortal Johnny

FCP-126 Ringulous, King of the Ring

FCP-127 Amogius

FCP-002 Small Bingus

FCP-902 Gloop²

FCP-420 The Colossal Flop

FCP-213 Detroit Devil

FCP-682 Hard-To-Destroy Floppa

FCP-215 The Man who Flopped fo All the Hoes


FCP-148 Floppekill Alloy

FCP-106 Old Floppa


Neutralized FCPs[]

FCP-213 Chamoy, killed by Amog-9

FCP-005 Gengi, accident in containment

FCP-084 FAKE BINGUS, (supposedly) killed in an attempted containment breach

FCP-1510 Hecker

Dr. Flopright

Stefan Zefloppen

Dr Flopnard

The Administrator


Incident 104, AKA Operation Camp Flopranda

Incident Omega

Incident 14, AKA "I Hate Mondays"

Incident 14.1 AKA "But I Love Sundays"