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'Notice of Distressing and or Shocking Content (NDSC)"
This warning is meant to say that there are some "touchy" subjects that may actually pose a threat in real life, or just frightening subjects in general, which are possibly distressing and or shocking content, and is not meant for the faint of heart. We are not endorsing this subject in any form, and we are just parodying it in a friendly manner.

Reason: Depictions of a satan-like entity. Reference to suicide.

The only known image of The Destroyer (semi proven)

The Destroyer was the god of chaos and destruction, he lived long before any floppa ever did in the known world


The Destroyer was one of the first beings in existence alongside Floppus, while Floppus resembled life and creation the Destroyer resembled the opposite, he brought upon chaos and destruction. Once Floppus created the world as we know it the Destroyer attempted to destroy it, Floppus wasn't about to let that happen so he challenged the destroyer to a battle that would decide the fate of the world. The battle took approximately 137 years with neither of them gaining the advantage for most of it until the end of the 137th year both the Destroyer and Floppus began loosing their energy. Floppus knew the battle would never end at this rate so he decided to sacrifice his physical form to destroy the Destroyer once and for all. Finally the battle was over with neither side winning, however, with no physical form to posses, the destroyer's body withered to the ground and out if the remains were created the destroyers 2 children: The god of chaos, Foo and the god of death, Michael. the destroyers soul also ceased to be but not completely, legends say it remains to this day inside every living being as it is part of their nature to destroy other things as well as themselves. As for Floppus, in his last moment he looked at the vast world he created and felt happy that his efforts weren't in vain, his soul went on to watch over the world forever.


  • some say those who feel crushing guilt can see the Destroyer in their dreams. Bingus even reported seeing him in his dreams before his suicide.
    Ancient artisans rendition of The Destroyer.jpg
    Ancient artist renditions were found inside the great pyramids, those can be seen here. It seems that even in ancient times the people knew the power of The Destroyer
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