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The Cursed Ones are a group of many cats with strange qualities, looking at them can make you go insane. The Cursed Ones live in a cave system underneath Mt. Googas. Because of their strange qualities, all attempts to capture or kill any of The Cursed Ones have failed. Project OH GOD NO was put in place by Bingustan to capture The Cursed Ones. Project OH GOD NO was initiated on 2/21/2018, resulting in 32 deaths and 164 injuries. All attempts to capture The Cursed Ones are suspended indefinitely. The operation OH GOD NO was provided by STF (special task force). The Cursed Ones cannot be killed, if their physical form is destroyed they instantly regenerate at Mt. Googas.


Several investigations on The Cursed Ones have been done, all failing to explain their strange properties. The Cursed Ones were first discovered on 1764 by a group of travelers. All of the travelers were killed and their organs were spread across the side of the mountain. However, several studies suggest the cursed ones were first discovered before 1645, suggesting The Cursed Ones are more than 300 years old. It is possible that The Cursed Ones have existed for much longer.


These are the only known images of The Cursed Ones. Only 7 images have been recovered, and all others have been destroyed, lost, in process of recovering, or are to dangerous to be seen.


(part by ru66)

On July 28, 2027, a group of 16 floppas went into the cave system the cursed ones live in underneath Mt. Googas. After 11-13 minutes, they encountered The Wanderer and they were found in the cave system in pieces 2 days later. This is a prime example of why entering the cave system is extremely dangerous and also stupid. might add more later. Only 2 survived, they were been interviewed and they said: Floppa №1 (John)

I: What did you saw? J: Very scary thing. A cat, with demonic mimics and 2 legs. He attacked me and I had to perform surgery. Some of them are dangerous, just to see. I: Ok, noted. Did you saw those, entities? J: Well, no, but I did saw a demonic figure near a stone boulder, but the boulder seemed oddly. . . organic. I: Thank you for your cooperation, you may leave now. 

Floppa №2 (Nate)

I: what did you saw? N: Scariest thing ever. I: How did he attack? N: He ran to us and hit us with his legs until we were almost dead. They also do some sort of memory lose when they blink their eyes. Then there was THAT thing I: what did you see? N: I, I don't know, I felt like I was having a stroke, and then I passed out. 

The Wanderer, aka Sinko Peso CO-2


Thin CO-3

Photo description and research[]

All of these pictures was made by drone sent it. It sent images to base just right before getting destroyed. Pictures we’re leaked as part to show that they are incredibly dangerous. The photos were made in 2012, sent to base. The research shows that cave have non-organic places, (as shown in image). They contain wood planks, brick walls, fridges, wood floors. It was very weird. Somehow, the plan called ◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️, was shown an organic piece of wanderer’s fur. It was just like any other cat’s fur but it contained fat on it, and it was way too fluffy. Large Boulders of solid organic matter of unknown origin was also found in the caves. The boulders were found to emit a very small amount of gamma radiation and fungal spores. These fungal spores convert more rock into the same material.


Each cursed one has strange properties, each proving to be incredibly dangerous. Currently all but 3 of The Cursed One's properties have been seen, and all others are yet to be understood or impossible to comprehend. (Note, Cursed One has been abbreviated to CO for easier reading) Here is the complete list of these properties.

The reflected, CO-1

CO-1: reflects all objects in its line of sight, using the surrounding matter to create a replica of the object.

CO-4: Can stretch and elongate its body seemingly endlessly. CO-4 makes a distinct cracking noise as it stretches, causing a stroke in 35% of subjects, paranoia in 60% of subjects, and immediate death in 5% of subjects

CO-2: Does rush attack with electro shock, stomps till you pass out or go blind , or even just kill the subject while just watching him. Confirmed to be the strongest of all (confirmed) cursed ones.

CO-3: Attacks with claws. His property is crawling under door holes, and other thin holes.

CO-6: Can run at speed of 500,000 m/S. he attacks with strong bites.

The Snek, CO-4

Unconfirmed Ones[]

Cursed Ones that have been (apparently) seen but are not confirmed by authorities.

The Fast CO-6

CO-5P is a black cat with glowing eyes. It is extremely bright, capable of blinding individuals. By looking at a subject, it will know everything that subject will ever do in their entire life.

CO-9P Supposedly seen by a Bingustani agent while on an expedition to investigate The Cursed Ones. The agent reported seeing the head of a cat levitating toward him while chanting in an unknown language. The song was similiar to mongolian and tibetian throat-singing voices. Possible that chanting made him levitating. The bingustani agent was scared, and he used teleporter and got back to Bingustan.

CO-5P: The Seer

CO-7P, The Strong

CO-7P Is a large cat with massive arms. It can destroy most objects with ease, and can withstand practically anything.


Plan: æ-22-xŒ[]

Will be carefully set by CORTF (Cursed Ones Research Task Force). First up, they will be armed with special suits with light-alutrimum provided by themselves technology, hazmat helmets, Energy Blaster Rifle, AK-47 and Five-Seven. The plan will be happening at 27 of March. First part of plan, send kamikaze drones (5) underneath the cave, and when cursed one detected: initiate self destruction. After the part of plan finished, (24 march, evening) second plan will be get researchers in it and try acting stealth. After that, on the final day, troops will break in and act stealth too. They have to report the non organic matters, and take a piece of those “Boulders”. After all plane complete, they need to set thermo-energy bomb, that will shock everything for few days. Next and last day of plan. Scientist will break in with oxygen masks and anti-electrical equipment, and will put almost all cursed ones into light-alutrimum capsules. After that; it will be transported to CORTF lab and will be taken care of. Then, group will hold them in cameras with food, water underneath 40 meters underground.

Day 1[]

The drones are sent. They detected Floof, Seer. No one else was there. Drone was on stealth mode, then, somehow, Floof ran near drone but it exploded. Floof was wounded. After that, second drone flew to the seer and the cave hole near it, in this hole thin was sitting. He initiated self destruct (to make hole bigger and accessible for troops) and the hole became a big bigger. Third drone detected The Strong and exploded door near it. Fourth drone flew into door and detected big hall with 6 of them sitting. It sent photos to base and self destructed near door in the end of hall. Fifth drone flew in and noticed some kind of black floof sitting on throne. He did flew away immideatly, doing self destruct to end the mission.

Day 2[]

CO-9P The egg

The Licker

Researchers sent it. They found elongated tunnels, they were longer than on drone shots. One cave length was around 509 meters. Water was dripping around. Researchers found weird sort of plants. They hide in it while spectating Floof chanting in unknown language. They crawled into next section of cave and there was some sort of ritual. They were sitting near some throne. Floof sat on throne, they started consuming products and chanting. After the ritual, they teleported to other cave section, where the black Floof was. White Floof came in and they started chanting, and in air near water started forming. After that, they ran-away to the section where the egg was. The egg damaged one researcher, then he ran away. Egg triggered some sort of alarm and everyone come. Hopefully, they had teleporters. They did harvest boulder and grass. Now, they are on research.

Day 3[]

The troops came in and put all the electrical bombs hidden underneath the cave. They ran to control center and exploded them. After 3 hours, they captured Wanderer, The Licker, The seer, The strong, the fast.

"Capture" by the Floppa Clan[]

During the Escape of Longcat from Floppa Clan, the Snek and the wanderer came to support Longcat. This was the first account of The Cursed Ones helping anyone, despite their destructive and omnicidal behavior. Both of them were captured, and eaten by Big Floppa II to gain their power, however after their death they instantly reformed at Mt. Googas. Both of them gained more power from the event because they absorbed the souls of fallen soldiers during the battle.

11th Cursed Ones[]


The Following Image was recovered from a Floppa Clan facility on Mt Googas, created to monitor the Cursed Ones. After this image was captured 10 cats working at the facility who saw the image had their bodies contorted and deformed. The cats then began walking out and walking towards and Cursed Ones cave. The cats are seen entering the cave. As of yet, they have not left the cave. Only the original image of CO-11P has this effect, copies of the original image have no effects.

After this incident biological matter began forming in the caves, the DNA closely resembling the DNA of the cats which were effected by CO-11P.

The original image was burnt, and ashes were buried into cell vault #823.

The egg chanting records[]

Floppa Clan scientists made a reinforced drone that can shoot in some case. They modified a tape drive in it, scientists inserted a tape and set it on auto record. When it flew into cave, they found the egg, started the tape record and recorded the chanting of the egg. It was in his kind of room, it had candles, a ritual place where the egg is sitting, and book with unknown script. There was 80 pages of unknown language text with some sketches. The room had Egg's bed, and poster with arabic texts. It has food, looks like the plant from mt.googas but steamed. It was started to eating but didnt finished. There was also tea with special herbs. When the egg came into slide door, he watered the plant, taken berries from it and thrown into plate. He ate it and started chanting. Here is a record of tape:

*Record start sound* *shift* -hopvering sounds- -berries shaved from tree and  sound of they're being thrown into plate- -He proceeds to erat it really fast, he lights candle and drinks the tea, then he starts chanting- Muee wue ga,, keuo lmao euerio ,a emo meo meo meo eroooomo geso gusooma, loma noo, nemoo te rik e, ge tee, som me i gte, ge tee, monke, eee ge te, no mularo, jsaejk et bulano, weeh, thurano, piooolia ,m vioool,a -weird voice turns- PAGAN PAGAN PAGAN PAGAN PAGAN PAGAN uopoo YPPILIPSS poppe ep ep epe epe pepe PAGAN PAGAN AGA Yeapahaaaa, mere. -he puts berries in candle to stop them, prays, and burns them.- Maoe roe  roe  roe roe roe roe roe! roe roe roe ma noo gooo, ma noo goo -the food is burning- galopporo AND ME AEMNNAS MAEJ JKILME! -The food stopped burning- he started to sleep- 

The drone flew from facility, arrived there, and and they inserted the tape. The photographs of the book is now decoding with 96 experts of old scripts. The paper piece that drone taken, made out that the book age is 5, so the script could be new. For now, they're decoded only the word "Bring Us!" from JKILME.