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Overall Tetflop is a safe and useful websites for buying item online. Although it has been in a couple of scandals. This article with show all sorts of controversies around Tetflop.

Drug Dealing Scandal[]

Tetflop has been known to occasionally sell drugs. These may be low level drugs such as Sogga Substance (a popular powdery drug released in 2011) to all the way up to Floppa Gas (a gassy substance based off of Big Floppa's farts after the Foot Lettuce incident). These get taken down pretty quickly, though some people have bought drugs off Tetflop. People note Tetflop as "a terrible place to buy drugs" though they also note the cheap prices compared to other sellers.

Weapon Selling[]

Tetflop occasionally sold dangerous weapons in 2016 and 2020, (the latter had a briefer time period due to the last incident).


A (now deleted) tweet showing off the guns.

Weapons began being sold in 2016 after a shipping company got an oversupply of weapons. When the company shut down in late 2015, Tetflop almost went bankrupt purchasing it. After the purchase, they ordered the company to make weapons en masse. Tetflop posted a tweet (left) showcasing the items. This is where Tetflop got it's first source of revenue, owing their success to these guns. After the site exploded in popularity in 2017, Tetflop quietly deleted the tweet and the subpage (tetflop.com/guns).


When Bingustani-related groups noticed that Barack Flobama's presidency was coming to an end, people began mass-producing Drugs, Floppa Porn and Guns. Tetflop, noticing this, temporarily released more guns onto the market. These were mistaken for illegal (illegal materials not overseen by tetflop) guns, and were taken down by Tetflop volunteers. Eventually after a week, they were also taken down.


When people ordered products from Tetflop in 2020, they noted "a chemically smell" irradiating off of the items. Later it was revealed that the items were coated in Flopstantince-123, a highly dangerous material. Tetflop responded by saying that the Flopstantince was because of a nearby Flopstantince barrel explosion in one of the production facilities.

The Flopstantince only sat in the packages for around 3 days (Flopstantince needs 10 days to become lethal) so the Flopstantince in the packages were non-lethal. Scientists noted that the Flopstantince got onto the items themselves, meaning major injuries/death to those who don't clean it in the 10 day period, This was caught on day 5, and every Tetflop Home device that had detected someone purchasing a Tetflop item in early 2020 put out a disclamer to wash all of the Tetflop products ordered in that 10 day period.

Floppa Porn[]

The website was under fire in 2018 for selling Floppa Porn, which was illegal in the United Flops due to it involving sex, a practice that was banned during Barack Flobama's presidency for unknown reasons. Tetflop said that "(they) are sellers that have no direct contributions to Tetflop's income", despite Tetflop being known for taking 15% off of every thing sold. They also said that "we have the rights to keep them up due to where Tetflop is located", although after a man named Floppa Reeves was arrested for buying Floppa Porn, they removed it from the site in 2019. Floppa Porn (along with other controversial materials) were brought back onto the site due to Barack Flobama's presidency coming to an end (the elections would mean that the FBI would have a harder time taking down the material) though many items were deleted from non-profit Tetflop moderators.