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Sus Bingus in containment

Sus Bingus is an artificial bioweapon created from Amog-8's DNA mixed with Bingus' blood. Sus Bingus is very dangerous and often used by Bingus to kill his political opponents. Sus Bingus has the same personality as Bingus, but is deranged and closer to a feral animal.

Killing Days[]

He transports to target via the teleportator also known as "Venting", then goes to enemy. When he reaches the target, he bites the enemy and kills them in crazy ways until the enemy is messed up, then, attacks all the others. But in rare circumstances he just bites you on a major blood vessels and watches you bleed out until you die looking into his cold eyes.


sus bingus has been known for participating in wars, like; WWII, The Cold War, ect. as was stated before sus-bingus is a artificial bioweapon, used by russian militaries to dominate and destroy countries, and planets. sus bingus is from the susverse, and his home planet sososay in the soomy way. sus bingus's cousin bus-singus, is a known gentelmant creating and helping restore planets sus bingus has reduced to ashes.


although we know sus bingus is close to a ferral animal it is likey we can assume he is a new FCP, he is dangerous; in 1982 he was found by two men, the two men provoked him, they where attacked and killed in less that 1.2 seocnds. his attack speed is less that 0.05 milseconds. making him one of the most dangerous predators alive. a substance called DRAM; used by sus bingus was used on one of the men. He was later killed by the real Bingus.


Sus bingus went to space once with 11 other crew mates. While in space sus bingus got mad because one of the crew mates bumped Into him so sus bingus slaughtered them. One of the crew mates found the dead body and blamed sus bingus and tried to eject him. Sus bingus murdered everyone on the ship before they could eject him and he returned to earth.