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South Flantagonia Offically called The Democratic Republic of South Flantagonia Its also known as South Patagonia.

It is the least populated country in south america due to its dry climate

Political Geography[]

ITS TIME FOR GEOGRAPHY NOW! The Country Only borders Flargentina and Chile and is located in the Flantagonia region aka Patagonia.

Physical Geography[]

In The Southern Parts Its is usually dry and Cold their due to being close into antartica.

In the Northern parts the Aisen Region to be exact Usually has a Lot of Mountains and Hills and it has a lot of Islands in North aswell the Largest being Falkland Islands Located in the East.

Subdivisons(First level)[]

The Countries are divided into 4 regions which are Further divided into Provinces.

List of Regions[]


Flagallanes and Antártica Chilena.

Flopta Fruz.



Sogtish Colinisation[]

Prior to Colinisation Semi-nomads only went to the northern parts.

The Sogtish Colinised The northern parts of The Country Because of Silver Ores in the mines.

The War of South Flantagonia[]

When Flopain Declared War on Britain because They wanted the Sliver Mines.

Even Though Sogtain had a Stronger Army and Navy The Flopainish Won because South Flantagonia Was not Protected Very Much.

Flopainish Colinisation & More[]

During Flopanish Colinisation Flopain Expanded South And West.

They also imported Africans,Indians/Flaratians and the Chiflopese plus the Welsh.

Because of this they had a revolt but the Flopainish Solved it and gave it autonomy.


After the Flopainish left the colony because the empire fell South Flantagonia gained indepedence.