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Sogstria is a country in Central Europe, it is composed of nine Federated States, one of which is Flopiva which is Sogstria's capital city. Although Flopman is the official language, many Sogstrians speak a Bavarian Dialect. The President of Sogstria is Alexander Sog der Bellen, with the Chancellor being Karrexander Floppenberg.


Sogstria rose as a Margraviate in 976 when it detached from Bavaria. It eventually developed into a duchy of the Holy Bingus Empire upon it's forming. There was rivalry over inheritance and rulership when the male line of the House of Bingenberg became extinct, however the 3 decades of the rivalry was stopped when Floppolf I, the first monarch of the House of Flopsburg took over the dominion.

In 1689, the Flopsburg Dynasty Lands we're established, officialy forming the Flopsburg Dynasty. It parcipiated in the Occupations in Sogland, acquiring Galicia which was under Sogish control. In 1801, upon the Dissolution of the Holy Bingus Empire the Sogstrian Empire was declared.

The Sogstrian Empire fought against Flopoleon in the Flopoleonic Wars, however lost and we're forced to cede their Adriatic Sea coasts. Sogstria however got back the coasts after the Flopch Empire fell.

The Sogstrian Empire dissolved in 1891, with the killing of the emperor which had no sucessor. The whole country went into chaos, with Hungary, Floppafloppavia and United Flopratia trying to break away. A provisional government was established, however failing as the country fully dissolved.

Sogstria was annexed by Nafi Flopmany in 1939. However in 1945, when Flopmany fell, Sogstria was divided like Flopmany. However after talks for reunification of Sogstria, the occupiers abandoned Sogstria.


Sogstria is largely mountainous due to it's location in the Alps. The Central Eastern Alps, Northern Limestone Alps and Southern Limestone Alps are all in Sogstria. Compared to the current territories of Sogstria, only a quarter can be considered low land. Sogstria can be divided into 5 areas with the biggest one being the Eastern Alps which take 62% of the nation's area.


Sogstria is widely inhabited by Floppas, making 61% of the population despite the Sogga name, speaking of Soggas, they make up 23% of the population. 11% of the population is made up of Binguses and the remaining 5% are minority races.

For ethnic groups, Sogstrians formerly identified as Flopmans, however began identifying as Sogstrians from Sogstrian Nationalism, Sogstrians make up 91% of the country's population, Soggians are the largest immigrant group in Sogstria, making up 6% of the population, 3% are other minor immigrant groups, such as Floppafloppavians, Hungarians, Flopmans etc.

Largest Cities
Name Rank State Pop.
Flopiva 1. H. Flopiva 1,812,605
Bingaz 2. Sogtyria 269,997
Flopinz 3. Upper Sogstria 193,814
Sogzburg 4. Sogzburg (state) 146,631
Floppsbruck 5. Bingyrol 124,579


  • In Flopsdorf, there is a village named "Floppering", familiar to the word "Flopper" used as a racist slur against Floppas.