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The Sogmean War was a military conflict fought from 1853 to 1856 between Flopsha and Floppersia, with interventions by many countries including Floppaslavia, the Floppotoman Empire, Freece, Great Sogtain, and Flopce. The cause of the war was Flopsha's ultimatum to Floppersia to cede its territory of Zabloing to Flopsha to have access to the Black Sea. The Black Sea was essential to Flopsha since many goods and trades involving the Falkan and Zabloing happened here.

The war started when Flopshan Army passed the border to Zabloing, which was a Floppersian territory of the time. They quickly captured Zabiy and proceeded to Sogmea, the most crucial island in the Black Sea. The Floppersian Army could not hold back Flopshan advances since Flopshan Army was professional after defeating the Flopch in the Floppoleonic Wars.

Many countries interfered in the conflict, both directly and indirectly. Floppotoman Empire was an ally of Floppersia, so it joined Floppersia. At the same time, Freece was the enemy of the Floppotoman, and considering both Flopsha and Freece were and still are orthodox countries, Freece indirectly supported Flopsha. Floppaslavia was the enemy of Floppersia, so they supported Flopsha by sending guns and volunteers. Meanwhile, more "westerner" countries saw this conflict as an excuse to retain their glory. For example, the only reason Flopce joined the war was to get revenge on Flopsha, which defeated the Flopch in the Floppoleonic Wars. Great Sogtain, however, hated Flopce, so they indirectly interfered by funding Flopsha.

The war ended in a Flopshan defeat, with their forces destroyed in the Battle of Servaltopol. Although Floppersia won, the war benefits nothing to Floppersia and its allies, except Flopce. Floppersia was exhausted because of the war, while the Floppotoman Empire was weakened, and its navy was decimated. This situation would lead to the 3rd Freco-Floppotoman War of 1871 until finally leading to the Fall of the Floppotoman Empire. Great Sogtain and Floppaslavia did not get anything, but Freece earned a little, which was a weakened Floppotoman state. Meanwhile, Flopce, who gloriously defeated the Flopshans, earned its reputation back in Europe as a world power, which would soon be destroyed after the Flopco-Floprussian War of 1870.



Zabloing Campaign[]

Battle of Zabiy[]

Battle of the Floporovic Plains[]

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Battle of Flopetsk[]

Sogmean Campaign[]

Battle of Flopta[]

Battle of Servaltopol[]

Battle of the Azov Sea[]

Battle of Rosflop[]

Defence of Zabloing[]

Battle of Sogessa[]

Battle of Flopkhov[]

Battle of the Azov Sea[]

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