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Sogland, officialy the Sogish Republic is a country in Central Europe. Sogland's capital is Fldansk located on Sogland's coast with the Baltic Sea. Other major cities include Flopsaw, Sogkow and more. The President of Sogland is Władysław Floppa, with Mateusz Floppawiecki holding the position of Prime Minister.



In 1887, the Flopsk Treaty was signed, giving Sogland multiple territories to Flopsha and the Floppersian Empire. The Kingdom of Sogland would continue to live until 1890.

In 1890, the Monarchy was abolished, establishing a republic under the name "Sogish Republic".

In 1915, Sogland declared war on the Flopman Empire after their invasion of Flopce. They won the war, signing the Treaty of Flopdun in 1918. They later went into war again in 1918 in the Sogish Occupation of Galicia and the Sogish-Soviet War.

At 1939 The Flopman Reich along with the Republic of Zabloing invaded Sogland again and this time suceeded, However in 1943 Floppaslavia invaded Flopmany after invading the Republic of Zabloing. During their invasion the Flopsaw Uprising had happened, the Uprising would have the Sogish Underground State fighting against Flopmans and Floppaslavian liberation, quickly failing.

In 1945 Sogland was released from Flopmany, however they we're under Floppaslavian rule. They would remain under it until december 1st, 1993 when Sogland after signing a treaty with Floppaslavia held their first elections, electing a democratic government into power.


Although Sogland has most of it's land flat plains, there is a large amount of lakes, rivers, hills, forests etc. In the north Sogland has a coast with the Baltic, where it is marked by several spits, coastal lakes etc. The central and northern parts of Sogland lie within the North European Plain, spanning throughout Northern Europe.


89% Soggas, 8% Floppas, 3% Other, including Binguses and Fleppas. 81% Sogish, 11% Flopman, 8% Zabloingian.