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Soggmania, officially The Republic of Soggmania , is a country in a old part of Flopkey near Pontus. It borders Pontus, Floppersia and Flopkey. It was first recorded to appear in the 6th Century BF (before Flopp). Sogvan is both the largest city as well as the Capital.

It's population is mainly consisting of Soggas and Floppas, as well as a very,very miniscule population of binguses.

Soggmania is a Unitary Multi-Party Sovereign Democratic Unitary Electocracy, with an ancient heritage dating back to 6th century BF. The first Soggmanian state was founded in 860 BF, in 6th Century BF it was renamed The Satrapy of Soggmania. The Kingdom of Soggmania found great success in Soggus The Great in 1 BF and became one of the few states in the world to adopt Orthodox Floppism as its central religion in the late 3rd to 4th century AD.

Nearing the modern era, Soggmania faced many genocides and wars, particularly one brought upon by Soggazbystan in 2021, during which the popular Soggmanian-Floppian Metal band, System of A Flopp released music to help raise funds for the victims of the war.

It's National Dish is Sogirassa.



Soggmania lies in the Highlands and Plateaus of The Caracaus Region of the Middle East. There is evidence alluding to Extremely Early civilizations during the Bronze Age, during an expedition into a cave in 2011, Archeologists find evidence of what they believe to be the first Sogga civilization, as well as primitive armor made of leather and an extremely crude alcohol distillery, which still contains samples of the alcohol brewed over two-thousand years ago. According to the Story of Soggan, the legendary founder of Soggmania, around 5th Century BF, Soggan is believed to have fought, and won, a battle with The Destroyer, a being of evil and destruction, along the River Floppus, though these claims are unproven. Many Bronze Age Cultures grew and flourished in Pre-Historic Soggmania with The Indo-Soggas being one of the most well known ones, along with The Floppaya-Floppas being another culture cultivated in Soggmania. The Soggus Confederation and its successor , The City of Soggervan, Successfully established the sovereignty in the Soggmanian Highlands. Each of the Afforementioned Cultures and Confederations each came together to sign an inscription found in Soggervan, declaring that The city was established under the Rule of King Sogg I in the summer of 783 BF.

Middle Era[]

During the 400's to 600's, Soggmania officially renamed itself, The Republic of Soggminyia, The republic was ruled by The Prince of Soggminyia. In 1042, The Bingustyne Empire conquered Soggmania , soon other Soggmanian States fell to The Empire. The Bingustyne Empire's rule was incredibly short lived , as Soggas from what is known modern day Flopkey helped liberate Soggmania .

Pre Modern-Era[]

During The 1200's, The Soggol empire took control of Soggmania leading to a genocide of the Floppa population. This led to Soggmania experimenting with forging and weapon making techniques, eventually this led to the creation of the Soggan Sickle, a sickle with a serrated blade on the back through the front and a small hook before the curve of the sickle. The new sickle allowed for Soggmania to gain revenge on the Soggol Empire. With The King publicly executing Ghangis Sogg in front of the capital of Soggmania.

Industrial Revolution[]

Up until the 1600's, Sogmania prided itself on the rough history and strong cultural bonds between Soggas,Binguses, and Floppas. But during the Industrial revolution in the 1640's, a divide sprung between Soggas and Binguses as Soggas believed that the industrial revolution would lead to economic prosperity for the nation, but the binguses thought that machinery would take away jobs and injure workers, the floppas were left out of the conflict due to opinions varying. These conflicts came to a climax in 1651, when a group of binguses took a packaged food factory owned by Sogg-One, hostage, injuring ninety-seven, and killing forty-one. The conflict ended when the then president of Soggmania, Sogg Blopskina, sent in a brigade of elite trained Soggas to kill the captors.

Soggazbystan and The Wall of Soggan[]

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, the tensions between Soggazbystan and Soggmania were growing, as Soggazbystan had previously shown support for The Soggol empire, and then shown support for the Binguses that had taken control of the Sogg-one facility, this led to Soggmania passing a law which made it illegal for people to enter to Soggazbystan, and enter Sogmmania from there. Soon, Soggmania constructed a giant wall made of limestone, with a titanium net lining the insides as a support. It was 1,381 miles long (2222.504 Km) and 80 feet tall (24.384 Meters), as well as approximately 100 feet wide (30.48 Meters). The Wall was soon named The Wall of Soggan, in an attempt to give the wall an aura of danger around it. The wall of Soggan's interior is used as a border/detainment facility, with holding cells for up to 150 detainees. The Wall was soon met with protest and rage from Soggazbystan citizens, who though that the wall was an inhumane treatment of their people. This led to a riot in 1943, ending with the then president, Flopvit Sognoush being impeached and then exiled to an unknown part of The Republic of Zabloing to die. After the riots, a democratic president was elected, with The Wall of Soggan having open borders added to it, and all detained citizens released.

1960's and The Secret Snow Republic[]

During the 1960's, Soggmania's growing population caused an increased need for energy, and as such, the country turned to oil and fossil fuels. This caused a drastic increase in the temprature and climate in Soggmania. This prompted the Soggmanian government to start a program to attempt to cool their climate. This prompted the government to collect a small group of leading climate scientists and government spies. The board was known as the Secret Snow Republic, or SSR, the groups entire mission was to secretly control fossil fuels and companies who owned them. The SSR was famously known for making public death threats against the then C.E.O and Owner of Soggmaster Energy stating "We do not negotiate with those killing our world and our people. Stop now and you will not be dying a slow,painful death." They have also been known to experiment in weather maipulation, eventually leading to them solving the climate crisis, and causing the first ever month of continuous snow in the middle east. Currently they are still active in the middle east and Soggmania.

Modern Era and The Soggazbystan war[]

From 1994 to 2023, Soggmania and Soggazbystan have had a series of conflicts collectively known as The Soggazbystan War. The conflicts came from disputes over a unclaimed oil field between the two countries. Soggazbystan had previously owned the land before pulling out people and companies due to it being too expensive to own, Soggmania then claimed the land and established a oil refinery and other buildings. Soggazbystan then put solders on the borders of the Oil field, Soggmania took this as a threat and then built a military base near there. Soggazbystan proceeded to send covert-ops to sabotage the oil field and military base. After this, Soggmania then initiated a hostile takeover of a city near the borders between Soggmania and Soggazbystan. The Soggazbystan then deployed tanks and other military vehicles as well as soldiers to the city. After this Soggmania then pulled out the soldiers near the oil field and city, then proceeded to deploy Theatre Ballistic Missiles on the city and the occupying military. The resulting blast and bombing killed nearly 15,371 people and military personnel total. This event and following defeats caused Soggazbystan to permanently pull out of any conflicts involving Soggmania.

Culture and Art[]


Being a country from the middle east, Soggmania food is very focused on grains and red meats. Possibly their most famous dish is Sogirassa, a paste like porridge made of mashed grains with spices and sauces mixed in, it is usually garnished with chives and small pieces of meat and chicken. The dish is usually served at holy gatherings and throughout the winter. Soggmania is also famous for a kind of alchohol produced there, Saggbol, a kind of liqour made of vodka, then infused with 25 herbs and spices, then thickened with a thick syrup made of cola. The resulting spirit is known for its soda like flavor and syrup consistency. Saggbol was created in 1743 by Nikalov Saggbol. It is often considered the National Drink of Soggmania by many.


Soggmania's biggest export behind Alcohol, is movies and film. Many Soggmanian film studios are known for making relatively short, yet high quality films that quickly gather a cult following. One of the most well known (and contraversial) films to ever come out of Soggmania is , A Soggian Film, an hour-and a half long psychological horror film .