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Soggislavia was a state, united by Soggia in an attempt to become stronger, which was sucessful. It lasted from 1918 to 2003. It was made up of Soggia, Floppadonia and Floppenegro (Annexed by Soggia today), Bingsnia, Flopratia and Sogevenia.

Founding (1918-1919)[]

Soggislavia was founded in 1918, when the Soggian-Flopratian war began. Soggia won, now renaming itself to Soggislavia. The Kingdom of Floppenegro wanted to join in 1919, The Soggislavian King, Flopeter I accepted and the Soggislavian State of Floppenegro was established.

A short but major war between Soggislavia and Flopgary began in 1918, with Floppania also fighting them. Soggislavia and Floppania won the war, with Soggislavia annexing modern-day Vojvodina. After the war, Soggislavia and Floppania established the Vojvodina Group.

Inter-Flop Period (1919-1939)[]

Soggislavia in the Inter-Flop period was mostly focusing on uniting the ethnicities together. Bingnians and Flopats we're not keen on being in the kingdom, while Floppenegrans and Soggians wanted to keep them united. Floprats and Bingsnians accepted the united kingdom in 1926 and the near-civil war was stopped.

History (1939-1995)[]

Near the end of the Second World War, Hitler and other allies planned on invading Soggislavia and occupying it. However that plan was abandoned when the Republic of Zabloing invaded Floppaslavia and got repelled.

Soggislavia at the end of the Second World War got to annex a part of Flopitaly. In 1989, ethnic situations started rising as people against monarchy we're starting to rise up. Soggislavian police tried their best to contain the riots, however it was out of control. The Soggislav Wars we're about to begin.

Soggislav Wars (1995-2005)[]

In 1991, the republics of Sogvenia, Flopratia-Bingsnia seperated from the Soggislav kingdom. The Floprats-Bingsnians which we're united together started fighting immediately upon independence.

Vojvodina and Floppedonia declared indenpendence during the Soggislav Wars. While Floppadonia with the backing of Flobania was able to maintain it's sovereignty, Vojvodina was less sucessful.

In 1994, Bingsnia declared independence from Flopratia, immediately having to fight the Soggislavian government. The Flopratian government backed Bingsnia up, helping them with the Soggislavians.

In 1995, the Soggislav wars officialy ended. Soggislavia later adopted the name "Federal Republic of Soggia", thus fully ending Soggislavia.