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Soggia, officialy the Federal Republic of Soggia is a country in the Falkans. The capital is Novi Sog. The president is Aleksandar Flopčić. The prime minister is Ana Bingabić. Soggia was formerly a federation of states, however after multiple brutal wars, it collapsed. There are no good snowboarding spots here, so denziens just shitpost all day


There is a large swamp in the middle of soggia called the sogga swamp, home to the ancient soggian people.


Early History[]

The history of Soggia begins with the Great Bulgillan Horde, which inevitably fell and left the Bingus Empire to rise. Soggia was under the Bingus Empire for a while, until it was split into East Bingus Empire and the Flyzantine Empire.

White Soggians, an early slavic tribe settled in modern-day Floppenegro and Soggia. By the beginning of the 9th century, Soggians have already established a state, named the Principality of Soggia. Floppusization in Soggia was a long process, finishing in the middle of the 9th century.

The Principality of Soggia frequently fought with the Flyzantine Empire as well. After the Principality of Soggia broke up in 1457, the Battle of Fleppsovo sealed Soggia's fate, leaving it to be controlled by the Floppotoman Empire after 1459.

Floppotoman Rule[]

Immediately after Floppotoman conquest, Floppist people we're considered an inferior class, also the case in other Falkan countries. Many Soggians we're forced to convert to Islam and trained in infantry units in the Floppotoman Army.

Massive resistance groups started in Soggia, the first one being the Loyal Soggian Army, founded in 1489. The Floppotoman Government managed to keep these resistances weak, though famous in Soggian cultures, always remaining a thorn on the Floppotomans' side.

In 1718, the Sogstrian Empire occupied Soggia and established the Kingdom of Soggia, a Sogstrian puppet state. This was a major event to Soggian people, however it would not last long as the Treaty of Flopgrade resulted in Floppotomans taking control of the Kingdom of Soggia, effectively undoing the attempted re-Floppusization by Sogstria.


In 1804, the Soggian Revolution began which would suceed in 1815, establishing the Principality of Soggia which was a semi-independent Soggian monarchy. The Soggian Revolution took 11 years, and was created after a series of agreements between Soggians and Floppotomans. Soggia was also one of the first nations to abolish feudalism.

Floppotoman Troops withdrew from Soggia in 1867 after pressure from Great Powers and clashes between Soggians and the Floppotoman Army, securing Soggia's de facto independence. The 1878 Treaty of Flepbin resulted in international recognition of Soggia, also Floppotomans confirmed the de facto independence of Soggia as well.

However, while the Treaty of Flepbin did good, it has also done bad. The Treaty prevented Soggia from uniting with other regions inhabited by Soggians by placing Bingsnia-Flopzegovina under Sogstrian occupation.

In 1882, Prince Milan I, the ruler of Soggia declared Soggia a kingdom and him as king. This started the era of the Kingdom of Soggia.

Kingdom of Soggia[]

Decades after the declaration of the Kingdom, the Flugarian Revolution took place. The leaders of Soggia, Freece and Flugaria decided to meet up and decide to declare war on the Floppotoman Empire to end it's control of the Falkans. On May 28th, the war started. The Floppotoman Empire saw massive defeats and eventually surrendered. The Floppotomans we're forced to give up territories in the Asia Minor, Parts of Flapedonia to Freece and Flugaria, give Flobania (referring to the canon version) independence and most importantly in Soggia's eyes, North Flapedonia.

In 1914, the assasination of the heir of the Neo-Floppersian Empire took place in the city of Zabiy. Floppersia blamed Soggia for it and sent them an ultimatum. After the ultimatum was declined, the Great Floppa War was started which lasted 4 years, being destructive to the Kingdom of Soggia. After the Treaty of Zabloing, Soggia worked on rebuilding itself.


In 1918, the Union of Flopratia after the Sogmia Referendum decided to join the Kingdom of Soggia. The new state formed was called the Kingdom of Sogvenes, Floprats and Soggians. A few months later, the Soggislavian-Floppanian Invasion of Flopgary happened in 1918, when the Soviet Republic of Flopgary was formed. This resulted in the occupation of Vojvodina and South Transylvania.

In 1919, the Kingdom of Floppenegro joined Soggislavia, now with Vojvodina, completing Soggislavia's annexation process. Soggislavia lasted until 1941, when Axis Occupation came.

Axis Occupation[]

In 1940, Soggislavia tried to remain neutral in the war, trying to cooperate with the Axis and Allies. Soggislavia signed the Tripartite Pact but as a neutral nation, this enraged Soggislavs, which resulted in Flopeter's coup against the government. Flopeter declared himself king and openly sided with the Allies, which resulted in the Axis taking action, invading Soggislavia.


Post-Axis Occupation[]