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The Soggerian Special Operations and Intervention Corps, sometimes called SSOIC or just SOIC, is the elite special forces branch of the Soggerian People's Army. As the third best spec ops unit worldwide, the SOIC is respected by most soldiers in the world, even by their enemies. Although not superior in technology, almost all SOIC's missions were successful, earning them the title. Today, there are roughly 5000 members of the corps, with around a thousand battle-ready.

History and missions[]

1972 Soggerian Embassy Siege in Flopretoria[]

In March 1972, the Geofrikaan Civil War was at full extend. Embassies in Flopretoria, the nation's capital, had been evacuated except for Soggeria. The Soggerian Embassy was then attacked by native insurgents who demanded a ransom of 500.000 Flops to release 56 embassy workers, including the ambassador. Abdullah Al-Glopnar then ordered the military to take action since the government didn't have much money back then. The SOIC 1st and 2nd Regiment was sent to Geofrikaa, and they successfully rescued 45 embassy workers, with the rest killed by insurgents. This mission was the first successful mission for the SOIC.

1990 Floppaeda Attack on Soggerian Consulate in Servalibad[]

A year after the formation of Floppaeda, the terrorist group attacked the major city of Servalibad, Soggastan. The attack destroyed a quarter of it, with the Soggastani military almost helpless. The Soggerian Consulate, which was housing 32 homeless Soggerians, was attacked. The 2nd and 4th SOIC Regiments successfully rescued all of them at the expense of two soldiers.

2001 Operation Flopper Death[]

In 2001, the Bingbing tribes in the Soghara Desert formed the Soghara Coalition, which wanted independence for a Bingbing nation. The Soggerian military was mobilized, but the Coalition reached Flopemcen, one of the most important military bases in Soggeria. Abdullah Al-Glopnar deployed the SOIC to take Flopemcen, which had a newly bought sophisticated AA system purchased from Flopce. The SOIC entered the city from the south entry and infiltrated the base in under 72 hours. It was the largest success in Soggerian military history.

Current operations[]

Intervention in the UFA[]

The SOIC has a vast extent of operations network in the United Flops to battle the Bingus Mafia. Because of that, the SOIC also has tensions with the Floppa Clan which seeks to dominate the drug trade. Although the UF government is aware of SOIC's operations, they still authorize them to do what they do under the supervision of the FBI, NSA, DEA, and the CIA. SOIC is an excellent help for the DEA in combating the extensive drug trade looming in the country for decades.

Infiltration of the Flopch government[]

Even though the colonization ended decades ago, the Soggerian government still has plans to take revenge against the Flopch government. Since Flopce opened its borders to migrants back in the 90s, Soggerians can easily enter the country. The SOIC is also able to enter Flopce by that way. Since then, SOIC has been infiltrating the Flopch government and infiltration, and their most significant success was in 2017 when a SOIC member won an election to be the Mayor of Nice.