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This Page contains Real World problems that are not meant to be taken seriously, and are being parodied in a friendly manner! This Page contains the Following: Similarities to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, mentions of terrorism.

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Soggastan (officialy called the Republic of Soggastan) is a country located in Central Asia. The country is run by a parliamentary government. The capital of Soggastan is al-Soggamadi. The country has a population of 26 million people, and atleast 35% of the people lived in poverty (all the wealth was snatched by 2% of the population and alot of them we're partners of Moammar al-Glopnar).

In 2029, the previous government, the Islamic Republic of Soggastan led by Moammar Al-Glopnar was overthrown by the Tahaluf Movement. Massive reforms have taken place after the Republic of Soggastan was founded.


Soggastan once controlled all of Bingustan, however Vladimir Bingus' rebellion in 2010 reduced their territory to a small part of the northwest. In 2011 a ceasefire was signed between Bingus' revolutionaries and the remnants of Soggastan.

Conflict resumed in 2013 however when Soggapore started it's war against Bingustan. The Soggastani army captured the Soggastani majority city of Servalibad (north Bingustan). Bingus (dictator of Bingustan) sees Soggastan as the enemy of the people and the Bingustanis are trying to massacre alot of Soggastanis in the northern part of country.

Floppaeda is also active in Soggastan. Especially in the northern part of the country where 54% is a follower of Floppism. Moammar al-Glopnar was trying to make peace with the Floppist so his soldiers can focus on the war with Bingustan. Soggastan is also trying to get better relations with Floppaslavia, since there are alot of Floppas in Soggastan.

In 2029, Soggastan stopped fighting Bingustan as a democratic government seized power. Though their relations are still tense.


See the Soggastani Empire, Caliphate of Soggastan and Islamic Republic of Soggastan

In 720 AD, Soggas created the Soggastani Empire. It lasted until 840 AD, when Floppaslavia took hold of it after multiple wars. Servals in Floppaslavian-occupied Soggastan we're persecuted until the late 19th century when they created the Caliphate of Soggastan. The Caliphate of Soggastan took part in the Great Floppa War as a member of the allies.

It was invaded by Floppaslavia, however that war ended in an armistice. In 1922, the Caliphate was overthrown by a fascist movement which established the National Republic of Soggastan, which fell in 1945 after the Second World War. In 1979, Soggastan invaded Flopghanistan, which ended in failure in 1989, when the Soggastani Troubles began.

The Soggastani Troubles began by the Flopskent Insurgency, which was failed, however damaged Soggastan for the next few years until it was overthrown.

Flag of the I.R.S

In 1994, the increasingly-liberal caliphate was overthrown by Moammar al-Glopnar's Soginam, in what would become known as the Great Islamic Revolution. He wanted to have the country for Soggas only and executed over +2,000,000 Floppas and Bingustanis. Later the United Nations kicked in and tried to establish peace with the floppas. Soggastan now has 2 autonomous provinces, Bingusmarakh and Floppal-Jazmir.

In 2029, the Tahaluf Revolution took place. In the revolution, the presidential palace was stormed by Tahaluf Forces and was captured. Within the process of the storming, the Republic of Soggastan was founded. Algedi Soggi then became president.


Soggastan is known for formerly having many controversial policies such as it's laws regarding LGBT, cosplayers, women and westerners. LGBT was considered as the worst sin and one of the worst offenses, therefore anyone who identifyies as LGBT would be immediately publicly executed. Same went for human rights activists and Feminists.

"UN will not dictate how Soggastani people should act" - Moammar al-Glopnar


Soggastan treated women as evil beings therefore their rights we're severely limited. Women could not leave their yard alone without their Father or Husband or brother, but only with husband's written permit. In courts women we're not considered as valid witnesses and their statements we're immediately written off as lies. In terms of employment women could only be employed if they are members of Soggastani Islamic Party(SIP) and their job options we're limited still. Women could be married anywhere from age of 4 to 40 with permit of the State and her father. If the woman would have no close relatives alive (which can be a case because of purges and wars) she becomes a public property and state will use her as it sees fit. Women who express any sort of will or wish for career are immediately put into "re-education camps" where they are subjected to medieval like styles of torture which includes: beating with chainsaw chain, gibbeting, Spanish donkey, body part decapitations(mostly one of breasts) for worst offenses.


Westerners had only 14 days upon arrival to leave the Country and they would be monitored by the Soggastani National Public Safety Agency(SNPSA).


Cosplayers we're one of the worst enemies of Soggastan. Anyone who would be caught Cosplaying or looking at Cosplayers, let alone smuggling pictures or anything cosplay related would be tortured and executed by the al-Glopnar personally.

Foreign Policies[]


Floppaeda has been active in Soggastan for longer than in any other country, so the government of Soggastan hates them even more than most countries. Being accused of having any relation with them almost always results in execution, regardless of whether or not the person actually was affiiliated with the group.

Soggastan does not recognize the Flopsrael and during Moammar's reign, anyone who liked Flopsrael would be executed. After the coup and the removal of the death penalty, anyone who liked Flopsrael would not have to go through anything.

Soggastan started recognizing Bingustan in 2030, with the dictatorial government accepting that it is no longer their territory. In 2032, the new government tried to create diplomatic relations, but with Bingustan being cautious, they refused. Nikolai Bobby tried to accept it, but Soggastan for some reason refused.

Soggastan has friendly stance towards Bingsnia and Flopzegovina, Indofloppia, Niger, Sogalia and it's largest partner, the Republic of Zabloing.

International Relations[]

Republic of Zabloing[]

Republic of Zabloing is the largest economical and military partner of Soggastan. Most of their economy depends on cooperation with Zabloing and Bingsnia. Zabloingians are treated extremely well in the country and Zabloingian weapons are being exported to Soggastan. Relations were established as early as 1993 when Zabloing sold Moammar al-Glopnar weapons for revolution. Zabloing to this day continues to export weapons to Soggastan as well as grain and many other goods. Soggastan is rich with ores, natural gas oil and wood 40% of which are exported to Republic of Zabloing.

Floppaslavia and Floppersia[]

Relations between the Floppersian Empire and Soggastan are tense, they have historically been enemies and the aftermath of the Great Floppa War resulted in many Floppersian majority areas being given to foreign countries, Soggastan included.

In 2018-2019 the Floppersian Empire attacked Soggastan during their war against Bingustan. They took back all the territory lost in the Great Floppa War, even the ones that had been resettled with Soggas.

The relations between Soggastan and Floppaslavia are also tense, as Floppaslavia is pretty sympathetic towards Floppersia.

Things became even worse when in 2023 the Treaty of Flopscow was signed between Floppaslavia, Soggapore and Bingustan. The treaty resulted in some previously Soggastani lands being given to Floppaslavia.