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The Sogga Appreciation Front (SAF) is an activist group dedicated into showing support of the Sogga amid the 20th century sogga massacres around the world. The late Sogga, being sogga, strongly supported this movement. The SAF supported many of Sogga's achievements and actions, such as when the late Sogga released her very own ISP known as Sogga Online. The SAF was very distraught and devastated to learn of the death of Sogga to the hands of Mad Drip Floppa. The SAF is as of right now has a following of 12 million, roughly around 70% of the SAF are consisted of Soggas, 19% Floppas, and 11% Cougars.


SAF was originally founded by Wilhelm Sogzmann in 1851, an important person in sogga culture and history. Wilhelm Sogzmann was a slave working for a Floppaslavian mining company in Congo. Later, he escaped his suffering and founded the SAF to free soggas from slavery. SAF gained popularity by time, until in early 1900's SAF is considered an international foundation. After Sogzmann's death in 1903, his son Friedreich Sogzmann took his position as the leader of the SAF.

Current Situation[]

The SAF is still active in activism nowadays, but the scale is largely reduced, due to many countries authorizing kinds of "civil rights" acts. Many soggas are saved by the SAF, and that's why soggas love them.

Wilhelm Sogzmann is a hero in sogga community, with statues of him can be seen in sogga-majority countries.