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A view of the city, with the Floppa Ear Tower on the right

Sogg Kong is a city located on islands off the coast of Republic of Chiflop. Although it is off the coast of Chiflop, it is a part of Sogtain.

Sogg Kong is an advanced and a growing financial city. Sogg Kong also has it's own currency, the Sogg Kong Dollar, the Sogg Kong dollar is one of the most traded currencies in the world too.


Sogg Kong was a growing center of farming and trade in early years. Most people have arrived at early Sogg Kong to farm, however in 248 the islands we're acquired into the Sogn Dynasty. The emperor decided to name the islands Flop Kong. The islands fell to Tibet however they we're taken back by the Flop Dynasty.

The islands fell to the Googalian Empire but after the collapse of it, Flop Kong was taken over by Sogtain. Multiple centuries later Flop Kong was sold Chiflop by Miriam Glopnar - daughter of Xagron the Scary. It was later re-taken by Great Sogtain in 1901 in the Flopium War. Ever since the Flopium War Sogg Kong has been in Sogtish control.


  • Sogg Kong was where Sun Flop-sen, who lead the Democratic Party in the Flopxin Revolution was exiled to before going undercover.