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The Small Enemy Spider was a highly dangerous serial killer from the years 2018-2020, killing many people, his most famous murder was of Doctor Cat.


The Small Enemy Spider was born on June 5, 2002, one year after his bigger brother, Giant Enemy Spider was born. He managed to get more success in his teenage years by uploading gaming videos on Youtube. However his channel was hacked and he quit using the internet.

The Small Enemy Spider had a fascination in murder cases, especially with the death of Big Floppa. While in a low part of his life in 2018, the Small Enemy Spider decided to cause one of these murders. He started by breaking into a house of Soggas and killing them all with his gun.

Throughout 2018-2020 he continued to commit various murders, being known as the Big Floppa Killer Mimic, as he would kill his victims in the exact same way as Big Floppa was killed, 16 bullet wounds.

His most ambitious kill would be his downfall. His plan was to kill Doctor Cat by ripping his arms off which he succeeded in but before he could flee the scene he was caught by Greg. He was subsequently arrested and executed via thorax and abdomen torture.


Pre-murder, the Small Enemy Spider was known to be kind, happy, overly positive and extremely optimistic no matter the circumstance. This would change however after he became a deranged murder as he then became pessimistic, depressed and started shopping at hot topic.