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'Notice of Distressing and or Shocking Content (NDSC)"
This warning is meant to say that there are some "touchy" subjects that may actually pose a threat in real life, or just frightening subjects in general, which are possibly distressing and or shocking content, and is not meant for the faint of heart. We are not endorsing this subject in any form, and we are just parodying it in a friendly manner.

This is how a sigma floppa looks like

Sigma Floppa is a floppa level for male floppas beyond every other male floppa levels. Sigma floppas are the most superior floppas in the world. One of the examples is Big Floppa, who is a handsome and intelligent sigma floppa.


A sigma floppa must have following characteristics:

  • Hates and avoids female floppas
  • Didn't give a shit to current issues
  • Money first, hoes later
  • Work alone
  • Always appear superior in front of hoes and beta floppas
  • racist

How to be a Sigma Floppa[]

  • Don't wipe after shitting
  • Tax evasion
  • Money laundry
  • Bribe politicians and conglomerates
  • Defy physics
  • Booze and cruise
  • Don't respect female floppas
  • Troll online
  • Celebrate sigma floppa saturday
  • Sell children for profit
  • Dont give your workers money
  • Force people to agree with you
  • Be homophobic (funny)

*patrick bateman face from american psycho* you are now sigma floppa *bearded blue face emoji smoking*