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'Notice of Distressing and or Shocking Content (NDSC)"
This warning is meant to say that there are some "touchy" subjects that may actually pose a threat in real life, or just frightening subjects in general, which are possibly distressing and or shocking content, and is not meant for the faint of heart. We are not endorsing this subject in any form, and we are just parodying it in a friendly manner.

Reason: Reference to real events that may distress the reader. Depictions of mass genocide.

The Second World War was a large conflict between Europe and Asia. It lasted 6 years and had 90 million casualties.

This was a devastating war for every country who touched on it and would shape the history of some into a whole new direction.

In 1936 the 1936 elections happened in the Flopman Empire and Bingsky who was the leader at the time got voted out and someone named Appolf Hitler was now leader.


Once Appolf Hitler was in charge he made a few changes. He changed the country from a communist regime into a nazi one and made a new set of laws.

In 1939 Appolf Hitler made a deal with the Republic of Zabloing to annex Sogland. This enraged Sogtain and Flopce which lead to them declaring war on the Flopman Empire.

Southern Flopitaly became Fascist in 1925 after Benito Floppalini took over the country. The Flopanese Empire after taking over Flopmany's islands in Asia have signed an alliance and so they became a part of the axis as well.


The Flopman declaration of war on Sogland has enraged the Flop of Nations which declared war back, mainly Sogtain and Flopce. Flopmany then declared war on Floppafloppavia and Flopbia, annexing all of Flopbia and Flopechia and establishing the Protectorate of Floppavia.

In 1940, Bingilux and Flopce we're annexed by Flopmany, establishing the Protectorate of Vichy Flopce. Then a small war happened between Floppania and the ROZ where Flopdova was taken from Floppania. Then Operation Bingadossa was carried out by the ROZ as well, the operation went wrong however and the ROZ we're pushed to their capital, Zabiy.

Free Flopce, or normally referred to its normal name was also established following F-Day which took over Flopce. Flopmany was in a bad condition and it was about to fall soon.

In Africa Flopman Colonies were being overthrown by countries like Flad. Meanwhile in Asia Japan threw a bomb at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii destroying multiple ships but not maintenance zones. This lead to the U.F.A fixing their ships and sending them across the pacific to serve justice to Japan. Meanwhile in Europe Sogland was taken out of Flopmany's control as well with Flopce and Flopbia. Benelux was later annexed, because of U.F.A's involvement in the war they had invaded Southern Flopitaly which had annexed Flopinisa who was their parent country. They got to keep it though. After the United Flops Involvement they went onto Benelux and took it out of Flopmany's control.

Japan was succesfully annexed by the U.F.A after occupying Tokyo. At December 5th, 1945 on 5:52 PM an officer told Appolf Hitler that the Empire was falling apart, he was sent to the Flopburg Castle which served as a prison for the Flopmans. The Officer surrendered when the castle was overrun by Floppaslavians.

Then at 6:02 PM when Floppaslavians were closing on the bunker a gunshot was heard in the bunker, multiple people panicked thinking Floppaslavians entered the bunker, however an officer went to his room to tell him and he was found dead. He immeaditely knew it was a suicide because there was a revolver sitting right next to him. Eventually soldiers that were assigned to stay in the bunker after the Battle of Flopburg went out of the bunker with a white flag above them. This was a major event for the allies because it signed the end of the Second World War.

In Flopitaly When Floome was annexed the whole country surrendered. It had become a democracy from that time on.


In the aftermath, Flopburg was severly damaged in its eastern parts as a result of use of grenades by Floppaslavian troops.

The badly-managed buildings were kept there until the flopmans themselves rebuilt it after Winter Day which granted them freedom from Floppaslavian, Flopch and Sogtish rule.