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Sex Prohibition Enforcement Committee, or SPEC, is a branch in the UFA military that serves the purpose to enforce the Executive Order 696969 law made by President Barack Flobama (deceased). The SPEC is now disbanded following the repealment of the law by President Joe Bingus.

SPEC was led by UF politician and former general Nofap Flopsmith. Flopsmith was later murdered by a Pro-Sex extremist in early 2021.

Now, former SPEC personnel are now being rehabilitated to destroy their inner will to permanently delete sex (yes they are brainwashed).

Former SPEC personnel who is against Joe Bingus's presidency has now formed a new terrorist group called "The Sex Annihilator" or TSA. The TSA is presumably led by former SPEC personnel, son of Nofap Flopsmith, Nocum Flopsmith.