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The Rogue Bingustan Citizens Group, also now as the Bingustanian Workers Party, is a political party in Bingustan, which tried to overthrow the Communist Regime with a Facist one. They are one of the main culprits of the First Obamium Highway Explosion, and the Great Obamium Crisis of 2019. They also once used Obamium to take over a small town on December 21st, 2020, but it was quickly stomped out by a joint Soggistani and Bingustanian Invasion of the town, in which most soldiers in the party fled.


The Rogue Bingustan Citizens Group (RBCG) was first created in 2018, inspired by the Nafi's during the Second World War. They desired more freedoms for the bingustanians, and they thought that Facism would be a simple fix. They hated Communists, Jews, and most of all, the LGBTQ+. These people strived to takeover the world and kill them all, just as the nafi's did in WW2. These people were filled with burning hate, and were terrible people. They also had hair.

The Great Obamium Crisis[]

The Great Obamium Crisis was a series of events in 2019, mostly doing with Obamium Imports Highways. The first bombing happened on January 19th, 2019, at an Obamium Import Highway in Southern Bingustan. The Culprit is still unknown, but the main two culprits were the Floppa Clan, and the RBCG. Bingus believed it was the Floppa Clan, since the RBCG was barely known at the time. The next 6 bombing were by the RBGC, 2 in the North, 3 in the West, and 1 in the South. All were blamed on the Floppa Clan. Before Bingus signed the War Pact to start the theorized Great Obamium War, The Floppa Clan showed proof that it was the RBCG, and the tensions were lowered, although Bingus still believed the Floppa Clan caused the first. The RBCG were sentenced to execution, but escaped last minute.

Invasion of Bingustown[]

The RBCG, after their catching and escape from execution, decided to invade Bingustown in the South. After there quick invasion, they sent a threat to Bingus and his high council, threating death to all loyal to him and Bingus himself, and Bingus needed help taking it back. Bingus asked for help from the Soggians, in which a Governor mostly called Trans Floppa lead an attack with Soggian and Bingustanian soldiers, quickly taking it back, and almost capturing the mysterious leader, who was still unknown, although some associates and commanders were captured, including Floppa's Former Hoe. Floppa's Former Hoe would not answer any questions asked by the Bingustan Army, and was quickly executed, just like all the other Commanders and soldiers captured.


After the 2029 Revolution of Bingustan the RBCG ran out of targets. They used the claims of Floppaeda which after being disregarded had to stop the fighting. Without fighting the RBCG lost popularity and became a background uninteresting party. The leaders planned making a communist revolution so the fighting can continue but that was not carried out yet.

Commanders and Leaders[]

A list of the known commanders and leaders of the RBCG

  1. Floppa's Former Hoe (Deceased) (High Commander)
  2. Bingustov (Deceased) (Commader)
  3. Former Nafi Chief Commander Floponov (Deceased) (Chief Commander)
  4. Former Soggastani President Bingusron (Military Strategist)
  5. Aflop Hitla (Possible Leader) (Thought to be Deceased before)

Current Hideout[]

The Current Hideout is suspected to be near the first bombing sight for Obamium Crisis, since they can cut out comms there and steal the Obamium to power up an army and a suspected machine that will destroy Bingus and his Followers. They could have information on Obamium and must be stopped quickly to end their reign of terror. Soldiers are being sent out to invade the hideout, including a Soggian battalion from Trans Floppa.