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The flag of Republika Flopska, 2010 - 2013

Republika Flopska was an unrecognized state in western Bingustan from 2010 to 2013, it was declared shortly after Bingus created his bingus ethnostate. It was made up of the provinces of Googastan, Spoingburg, Gloopestan and Mt. Googas. It's capital was Googasbaatar, which was also the capital of the Googol Empire.

During the Soggastani period these areas were allowed autonomy after a revolt in 1998. When Bingus created Bingustan, the Floppas of northwestern Soggastan also declared independence. But due to border disputes Republika Flopska and Bingustan began fighting and eventually Bingus managed to convince the UN that Republika Flopska is core Bingustani territory and that it shouldn't be recognized.

It was allied with Floppaeda and with their help the army of Republika Flopska managed to keep the area de-facto independent for 3 years. They tried to ally with Floppaslavia that didn't happen due to it's relation with Floppaeda.

The Army of Republika Flopska is famous for commiting many atrocities against the Bingus population in their controlled area almost to the same extent Bingustan did to the Floppas and Soggas in their land, which is impressive considering Republika Flopska was way smaller than Bingustan.

Republika Flopska was destroyed in 2013 mostly thanks to the efforts of Bingustani general Bungus.

Most of the former Republika Flopska became part of Floppaslavia in 2023 after the Treaty of Flopscow, with the exception of Googastan which remains part of Bingustan. In 2029 Googastan gained autonomy from the rest of Bingustan.