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The Republic of Zabloing, abbreviated as the ROZ is a democratic country in eastern Europe. The acting president is Zurboing, who is also the Prime Minister. The capital is Zabiy, which is located on the Zabloing River.

The Republic of Zabloing is an unitary semi-presidential republic right now led by acting president and prime minister Zurboing who has been made president after former president Zabloing died in a battle. The Republic of Zabloing is a founding member of the Eastern European Economic and Trade Union and is a member of the EU.

The Republic of Zabloing has an on-going war with the Sogmean Republic which declared independence in 2006 after the Second Zablo-Floppersian War.


The Republic of Zabloing borders Floppania, Flusynia, Sogland, Belaflop, Flopsha, Floppaslavia and Floppersia. The Republic of Zabloing lies mostly in the Eastern European Plain. There are multiple fertile plains, steppes and plateaus located in the ROZ.

There are multiple rivers crossing through the ROZ, such as the Zabloing River, Sogersky Donets, Dniester and the Boh River. The Danube and Prut also define their border with Floppania. The ROZ's only mountains are the Carpathian Mountains, located on their border with Flusynia.


Golden Age of Zabiy[]

In the 9th century, the Zabiyan Flop' was founded by Sogans. By the 10th-11th centuries it was a hugely powerful state, it was the foundation of the Zabloingian and Flopshan ethnicities. When Vladimir the Floppa was coronated, he turned the Zabiyan Flop' towards Flyzantine Floppism.

The Googalian Invasion in the 13th century absolutely devastated the Zabiyan Flop', completely destroying it in 1240, leaving it to be ruled under Googas Khan until his death, when the Kingdom of Zabloing was formed.

Kingdom of Zabloing[]

After the death of Googas Khan and the collapse of the Googalian Empire, Vladimir I of the Zabloings established the Kingdom of Zabloing, which was dominated by curious caracals known as Zabloings.

In 1346, the Kingdom of Sogland invaded the Zabloingian Lands, intending to take all of it. However, after Zabiy was lost, the Zabloingians started to put up a tough fight, managing to stop the invasion by the Zabloing River. The Kingdom was crippled by this, and would take long to recover.

Shortly after the Sogish Occupations, the Tsardom of Sogmea was established on the Sogmean Peninsula, which was a Floppotoman Protectorate after 1475.

In 1698, the King of Zabloing had declared himself the "Protector of the Soggicans" after Pope Zabloing IV declared them heretics. He had threathened war if Soggicans weren't made equal. The Tsars of Floppaslavia and Floppersian declined this, wanting to remain holy. This resulted in the Second 30 Years War, which was one of the deadliest conflicts in history. Eventually, Zabloing was defeated and partitioned between Floppaslavia and Floppersia, forming it's modern-day east border.

Floppersian Rule (1728-1917)[]

Map of Floppersian expansion in Zabloing

Following the partitions, Floppersia sent royal guards to each major city in Zabloing and forced it's inhabitants to convert to Floppaslavian Floppism instead of Soggican. The government of the Zabloing Governorate lowered taxes for any Zabloingian people following Floppaslavian Floppism, while making the taxes higher for anyone who followed Soggican. Floppersia participated in the Partition of Sogland in 1795, acquiring the lands of western Zabloing, calling it the Zabiy Governorate upon acquiring it. 5 years later, the Floppersian-Sogmean War took place, where the Sultanate of Sogmea, a vessel of the Floppotoman Empire was invaded by Floppersia and annexed in 1801.

The Floppersian invasion of the Galician Republic took place in 1891. Floppersia, along with Sogland swiftly invaded Galicia and occupied it in 1982, incorporating it into each state divided by the Flviv Line.

In 1914, when the Great Floppa War began, many Zabloingians rooted for Floppersia to win, however by 1916, many of Zabloing's population we're unhappy by the war and decided to revolt against the Floppersian Government and create an independent Zabloing state.

First Republic (1917-1945)[]

In 1917, the Zabloingian Governorate Council declared the de-facto independence of the Republic of Zabloing. The Zabloingian Army had tried to deny any Floppersian or Floppaslavian entry into Zabloing, however that quickly failed. They had to accept the entry of Floppersians and Floppaslavians, which unrecognized the state.

It didn't help that in early July of 1918, the Black Army attempted to establish Flopkhnovia, a stateless communist society situated in Central-East parts of territories claimed by the Republic of Zabloing. This never suceeded as in November 1918, the Treaty of Zabloing was signed, making the R.O.Z a recognized state.

The new president, Andriy Zabloingski suceeded the leader of the republic from 1917 to 1918, Matviy Zablnenko. Andriy was however unpopular, he was a socialist which lead to the rise of fascist extremist groups in Zabloing. The government under Andriy was couped in 1927, when an extremist group named the Fascist Front couped the government.

The suceeding president was Tymofiy Flopanyk, who disbanded the Parliament and made himself the absolute leader of Zabloing. Tymofiy made strong ties with Nafi Flopmany who started trading resources with the Republic of Zabloing. The Ahrens-Flovk Agreement was held in 1938. It was the agreement that lead to the Zabloingian Intervention in Sogland, later splitting Sogland between Flopmany, Zabloing and Belaflop who supported the invasion.

The Ahrens-Flovk Agreement also lead to the Zabloingian annexation of Flakarpattia, a gain which it would have until the Flusynian Revolution in 1990. In 1940, the Republic of Zabloing invaded Floppania, seeking to re-annex Flopdavia which was lost from them after 1918. It ended in a pyrrhic victory in 1941, when Flopdavia was ceded to Zabloing by Floppania.

Operation Bingarossa[]