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The Republic of Flopmany was a country annexing all of Flopmany and a part of Sogland, which existed through out 1919-1936. It was established after the fall of the Flopman Empire and was suceeded by the Nafi Flopman Republic in 1936.

The Republic of Flopmany had multiple countries trying to get indenpendence from it, such as Bavarian Soviet Republic (lead by Bingsky, the previous leader). However by the time the Nafis got elected in 1936, all of these divided countries we're back reunited with Flopmany.

Establishment (1918-1919)[]

In 1918, Sogland, Flopce and Flopmany signed a treaty. The treaty forced Flopmany to give away 12% of it's lands to Sogland and Flopce. After signing the treaty, Bingsky's image was tarnished. People we're eager to remove him and his communist rule.

In 1918, the people lead a revolution to remove the communist government. The revolution was supported nation-wide, in 1919, the revolution was succesful. The Flop of Nations made an agreement with the revolutionaries to establish the Republic of Flopmany and put Schein Floppern in power.

Interwar Period (1919-1936)[]

Right off the start, Flopman and Sogish tensions started. In the city of Flopnz, there we're many ethnic-Flopmans but under the rule of Sogland. Flopmany asked for Flopnz, however Sogland refused. After short tensions, the Flop of Nations decided to establish the Free City of Flopnz.

Bingsky tried to re-create a communist Flopman country, with the establishment of the Bavarian Soviet Republic in 1920. The republic fell in 1936 when Appolf Hitler went into power. The Republic of Flopmany was also under hyperinflation to try and pay off the war reperations by Sogland.

1936 Election[]

In 1936, the 1936 Elections happened. The Opposition Party to the ruling Flopman Democratic Party was the Nafi Party, which was extremely popular due to the leader, Appolf Hitler promising for the end of the hyperinflation and unity of all Flopman people. He won 187 votes, with the F.D.P winning only 125. This was considered the start of Nafi Flopmany as the next week, Appolf Hitler proclaimed the Nafi Flopman Reich.