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The Provisional Flopbian Government or fully called "Democratic Provisional Government of Flopbia" (D.P.G.F) was a provisional government of Flopbia which was in charge of maintaining Flopbia after the killing of Frank F. who was the leader.

The Provisional Government of Flopbia was lead by Gustav Flepmann who was a democracy-supporting Fleppa.


The Provisional Government had a set of ministers so that Gustav Flepmann did not have to deal with everything.

This will list all of them.

Ministers of the P.F.G
Post Name Party Time of Appointment
Minister of Armies and Navy Wilhelm Binger Democratic September 8th, 1891
Minister of Healthcare Karl Müller F.B.C.P September 15th, 1891
Minister of Economics Hans Flopscher Non-Party December 2nd, 1892
Minister of Food Heinrich Flopger Democratic September 9th, 1891
Minister of Labour Max Flopschz Democratic September 9th, 1891


In 1891 after the assasination of the Flopbian leader, Frank F. got assasinated in his own room. People like Gustav Flepmann panicked and so Gustav formed a Provisional Flopbian Government to try and fend off other countries seeking more territory in the slowly-collapsing republic.

The provisional government did not do well with Hungarians pumping up their army more than ever. Gustav desperately hired Wilhelm Binger to help him with fighting and he actually was effective.

Gustav though could still not manage the country all by himself, With Hungarians and Flopitalians taking more territory Gustav was more desperate than ever. He hired Heinrich Flopger, Max Flopschz, Karl Müller and Hans Flopscher. However it was not enough and in 1892 Gustav had to surrender due to having almost all of their territory taken. The country of Flopbia then lost all of its territory and became land for N. Flopitaly, Hungary, United Flopatia and Floppafloppavia.