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Plinknar is a Floppist Cougar living in Floppersia. He was once the second-in-command of Cogga but lost that rank after a failed battle.

Early Life[]

Plinknar grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, but born in Flopchivan and is Paggas' brother. He went to the same school as Cogga and secretly converted to Floppism, not even Cogga was informed of his religious views.

In the Cogga Gang[]

Plinknar became a member of the Cogga Gang in 1988. When Cogga inherited the gang in 1994 he promoted to general. He remained the general of Cogga for 17 years, proving himself to be a ruthless and efficient general. Plinknar's downfall came in 2011 during the Cogga Gang's failed takeover of Miami. Plinknar's gangsters were defeated by a temporary alliance between the Floppa Clan and Floppa Crips Gang, when Cogga heard of this he was both outraged and saddened, outraged because of the failure to take Miami but saddened because Plinknar was a childhood friend of him and now he had to make an example of him.

Plinknar was covered in oil, lit on fire and thrown into the Grand Canyon. Despite all odds he survived the fall and got out. It is believed that the reason he got out was because it started raining during his fall, allowing him to float on the rain. Knowing that the Cogga Gang would never accept him again he went east, looking for a new place to settle.

As a Monk[]

Plinknar signed up for the Gaeae Floppist Church, and became a monk in the city of Savannah, Floppersia. During he spare time he writes floppist-themed rap music, which he is currently making an album of.

Plinknar's first single was very succesful, reaching #5 on the charts in the U.F, #4 in Floppaslavia and #1 in the Floppersian Empire.