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Guy Bingus, commonly known as Plague Bingus, is one of the best known doctors out there. He specializes with virology and diseases. Plague Bingus saved one of the Small Enemy Spider's murder victims from death.


Plague Bingus was born in New Rinkus but moved to a small town in Bingustan at the age of one. Plague Bingus went to school and failed almost all subjects other then biology and virology. Despite the school calling him a failure he managed to get to a college.

Plague Bingus studied virology and biology in college getting a degree in both. Plague Bingus became a doctor. He primarily was on the scene studying deadly viruses in more primitive countries.

Plague Bingus retired in 2020.


Plague Bingus is known to be nice. He is very formal and always stays six feet away from everybody.

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