Floppapedia Revamped Wiki

The Floppapedia is a large site with a vast library of articles. Here, we will help you with the Floppapedia's page creation guidelines.

Page Rules[]

These rules are vital to your page creation, please read them!

  • No incredibly overpowered characters with no flaws or counters. (E.I if the Flopsworn weren't stuck in the Flop.)
  • No spam pages, meaning no random letters, paragraphs, images etc. This includes pages that are completely unrelated to any Floppapedia characters etc. There is only one exception to this rule.
  • W.I.P (Work in Progress) pages will only be on the wiki for 60 days before being deleted, if your going to make a page stay committed!
  • Low-quality pages are only going to be on the site for 30 days before being deleted, depending on their quality this time period may be less.
  • No overused, stereotypical pages (keep it original)
  • When making species pages, please identify the difference between Sentience and Sapience. Sapience means thinking intelligently, sentience means feeling (all creatures are sentient).

How to identify low-quality pages[]

  1. Is it a short page that fails to add much? Not all low-quality pages are short.
  2. Is it a mass of images, text, or random words/sentences?
  3. Does the article contribute to the Floppapedia canon.

Floppaverse Canon[]

While the Floppaverse itself is so massive that it is nigh impossible to unravel it, we still try and make everything anti-contradictory. If you notice a canon error in a page then fix it. If you yourself make a page that contradicts the canon so much that it requires a rewrite, it will be marked non-canon. Don't complain about your article being non-canon, fix the article or deal with it. The canon has been abolished, please ignore this section.