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Following are the events leading to the creation of existence as we know it.


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Before Time[]

Before time even begins, life has already occurred in the vast multiverse. The multiverse was made of universes separate from each other. These universes each have their own identity and uniqueness, some are like a utopia, but some are like hell-on-flerth. These hell-on-flerth universes waged war on other universes, seeking domination over the multiverse. In the end, the force of reality and existence had been damaged for a long time, resulting in the Big Flop, a massive explosion that wiped out the old multiverse, creating a new large universe, the Floppaverse we know today.

Big Flop[]

The Big Flop was a result of prolonged damage to the state of reality and existence. It was the most powerful force of nature, used to create new universes, as theory suggests. This Big Flop began the Floppaverse on the ashes of the vast old multiverse, which was deemed too chaotic.

Creation of Realms[]

The Floppaverse as we know it is made of layers, with each layer separated but accessible from other realms. Each realm has its own rule of existence, like the Realm of the Living, where most people believe the Law of Physics and the Law of Nature guide the flow of time. There are many other realms.

There are several ways to switch realms. For a living entity, switching realms can be done by dying or by witchery. A dead entity from the Realm of the Living will be sent to either the Realm of the Paradise, the Realm of the Flop, or the Realm of the Spirits. The Realm of the Paradise could only be entered by devout Floppists, while the Realm of the Flop acts as a realm of torment and suffering to whoever did evil things in their past lives. The Realm of the Spirits is where all dead spirits live, except Floppists, who have their own realm.

Powerful and eternal deities, like gods and individuals with world-destroying capabilities, can switch realms easily with their powers. These deities include Floppus, Bougar, the Flopper, the Flopspike, etc.

Realm of the Living[]

The Realm of the Living is where all living beings dwell, from the smallest to the most gargantious. Its inhabitants are primarily mortals, and some are a little more "immortal" than others. It is also where gods who chose to reincarnate live, like the Flopspike and the giant floppas. Beings from other realms can quickly enter this realm, but the only way for mortal beings to exit the realm is by dying or witchery.

Realm of the Flop[]

The Realm of the Flop, sometimes called the Flopsworn, is a hellish realm inhabited by The Flopsworn. There is no escape from its vicious grasp. The Flopsworn calls this place home out of necessity and wishes to escape its damning grasp, an endless area of charred rock and burnt metal. The Flop itself alters itself at a single afterthought of the Flopper, ruler of The Flop and its inhabitants. Time in the Flop is warped. Four hundred years in the Flop could be a single hour in the Floppaverse.

Realm of the Paradise[]

The Realm of the Paradise is the only artificial realm in the universe made by Floppus. Floppus made it for his followers' spirit to dwell and be his soldiers against other gods. Since Floppus has been the strongest god, he was able to create new realms, and because of this, the Realm of the Paradise has constantly been attacked by other gods, or apparently Floppus' siblings.

The Realm of the Paradise was made sometimes after Floppus' birth.

Realm of the Spirits[]

The Realm of the Spirits is a place for other mortal spirits who were neither Floppist nor evil. The only thing those spirits will see here is destruction and chaos, as gods used this place to project their domination in the Floppaverse and recruit souls as their soldiers. Floppus was the only god powerful enough to create a new realm, so he made it a safe haven for his believers.

Realm of the Gods[]

The Realm of the Gods is a place for other gods in the Floppaverse who seeks nothing but peace and silence. These gods are mostly the other children of the First Flop who other more powerful gods ignored. Some of these gods decided to be mortal beings, but some stayed as the realm's guardian. Often this realm acts as the "recreation resort" for gods.

Realm of the Death[]

The Realm of the Death is a realm made by the First Flop as a prison for rebellious creatures. The First Flop did not banish anyone into it since most gods were loyal and no beings had ever rebelled against the First Flop. After Bougar's defeat after The Fight Between Gods, Floppus banished him there as a punishment for killing their creator. Since then, Bougar has been the realm's ruler, filled with wrath and vengeance as he planned his revenge against Floppus.

When a spirit dies, the soul of the spirit becomes a "dead spirit", or a sub-astral being. All sub-astral beings were banished to the Realm of the Death, hence the name.

The First Flop[]

Birth of the First Flop[]

After the Big Flop, the energy caused by the explosion was so massive that it affected all aspects of reality. The centre of the Big Flop became the Black Flop, which has the power so great to absorb every part of reality and existence. After the Black Flop was overloaded with its energy, it blew up again but didn't cause any damage. Instead, the power fabricated the first form of life and sentience: the First Flop.

The First Flop then realized its existence. It also realized its power as the first life in the Floppaverse. In fact, the First Flop was a reincarnation of a dying god in the past multiverse, whose name is still unknown. The First Flop then did its job to bring life and atmosphere to the new-made reality.

Children of the First Flop[]

Children of the First Flop. Left is Floppus, right is Bougar, and centre is the First Flop.

The Children of the First Flop were the first beings to be created by the First Flop. The First Flop made them as its helper and accompanier, as it had many tasks as the leader of the Floppaverse. The First Flop gave its children godly powers, some had more, and some had less. After the death of the First Flop, no other gods has ever appeared.

Floppus, Heir of the Throne of the First Flop, Son of the First Flop, God of the Floppists[]

Floppus, Heir of the Throne of the First Flop, Son of the First Flop, God of the Floppists.

See Floppus.

Floppus was the first child of the First Flop and was the rightful heir for the First Flop's dynasty. The First Flop created Floppus based on a creature from the old multiverse that would be the significant populace of the Floppaverse. As the first son of the First Flop, Floppus has the powers of his creator and is the most powerful among the gods. The only time he was defeated in a battle was during The Fight of Gods by Bougar, his brother, who was the only one who dared to challenge Floppus.

Floppus is the god in the religion of Floppism.

Bougar, the Commander of the Army of the First Flop[]

Bougar, the Commander of the Army of the First Flop.

See Bougar.

Bougar was the second, envious child of the First Flop. Bougar was created as an equal counterpart to Floppus and as the military leader of the First Flop's pious army. Bougar was jealous of his brother, Floppus, who was more cared about by the First Flop. However, the First Flop thought that Bougar's behaviour was a mere sight of a god seeking acceptance, which the First Flop had claimed fulfil. The situation backfired when Bougar killed the First Flop by destroying its source of power, the Black Flop. This staggering event caused the War of the Gods, in which Bougar was defeated by Floppus. Floppus then punished Bougar by sending him to the Realm of the Death.

The Destroyer, Master of Death, God of Chaos and Destruction[]

The Destroyer, Master of Death, God of Chaos and Destruction.

See The Destroyer.

The Destroyer was the third child of the First Flop, one of the first beings in existence alongside Floppus. While Floppus resembled life and creation, The Destroyer resembled the opposite; he brought chaos and destruction. The First Flop tasked The Destroyer to destroy things that did not abide against First Flop. After the Death of the First Flop, The Destroyer wanted the throne but was afraid of Floppus' wrath.

The Destroyer's thirst for chaos and destruction grew over time. When The Destroyer tried to destroy Floppus' creations, Floppus challenged him into a fight and beat him down. The Destroyer's physical form was destroyed into ashes, which would turn into his children; Foo Prime (Fius Primus) and Michael, God of Death. The Destroyer's powerful soul was sent into the Realm of Purgatory, where he will stay forever.

The Destroyer's mere existence has always been disturbing the reality in the Realm of the Living. The Destroyer can reach many people with his powers in many ways, including dreams.

The Flopper, God of Misery and Torment, Master of Agony[]

The Flopper, God of Misery and Torment, Master of Agony.

See The Flopper.

The Flopper, known by some as The Rogue Child, is technically not a son of the First Flop. Instead, he arose as a direct consequence of its actions. The First Flop loved its children, but if there is love, there is hate. Because of that, The Flopper rose. Tormented for quadrillions of years for his crimes against all existence, he finally rose from the blackened pits of the Black Flop. A mere tangle of nerves, blood vessels, and some organs, without even a skeleton, he rose and dove towards outer space. However, soon after, he was struck down by the First Flop. Reduced to practically the size of zooplankton, he fell through space until he infected a child, which would then turn into the physical form of The Flopper.

The Killer, Subjugator of Gods[]

The Killer, Subjugator of Gods.

The Killer was the fourth child of the First Flop, given the power to kill other gods. The Killer can disarm and kill other gods, making him one of the most dangerous gods in the Floppaverse. However, his physical form is fragile, making him vulnerable to any attacks. Because of that, The Killer always uses his power armour that protects him from direct godly attacks. The First Flop tasked The Killer to kill any gods who disobeyed it.

The Killer did not take part in the War of the Gods. The Killer now resides as a pacifist god in the Realm of the Gods, seeking nothing but peace and silence. The Consular and Floppus themselves guard him.

The Executor, Overseer of the Realm, the Devil of Detroit[]

The Executor, Overseer of the Realm, the Devil of Detroit.

The Executor was the fifth child of the First Flop, given the power to see everything in the Floppaverse. The First Flop tasked him to oversee the Floppaverse. However, after the Death of the First Flop, he lost his power and was ruined. The Executor then became a wandering god, searching for a purpose, as he had lost his way of life. He was banished to the Realm of the Flop, transforming him into the Detroit Devil.

The Consular, Guardian of the Realm of the Gods, Protector of the Throne of the First Flop, Protector of the Eternal Ruler of the Floppaverse[]

The Consular, Guardian of the Realm of the Gods, Protector of the Throne of the First Flop, Protector of the Eternal Ruler of the Floppaverse.

The Consular was technically the sixth child of the First Flop, but the First Flop created him not as a child but as a loyal servant. The Consular used to act as the First Flop's butler who did everything to help the First Flop do its job. After the Death of the First Flop, The Consular confronted Bougar, but Bougar denied killing his creator. After Bougar's defeat, The Consular met Floppus, offering him the throne. Floppus rejected it and said no one shall ever possess the throne and power over the vast Floppaverse. Since then, The Consular has been the guardian of the throne. He also protects harmless gods who choose to stay in the Realm of the Gods.

Flopspike Prime, King of the Spiked Floppas[]

Flopspike Prime was a god made by the First Flop as an experiment. The First Flop wanted to create a mass-produced self-sustaining species, so it made Flopspike Prime take care of it. Flopspike Prime then created creatures that resemble it, the Flopspikes. Unfortunately, Flopspike Prime couldn't resist its hunger, so it massacred its own made beings. The First Flop then ordered The Killer to kill Flopspike Prime. The Flopspike species remains to this day.

Fius Primus, God of Chaos, the Wayfaring Giant, Fallen Angel of Hyperborea[]

Fius Primus, God of Chaos, the Wayfaring Giant, Fallen Angel of Hyperborea.

See Foo.

Floppazilla, Protector of the World, Defender of Nature[]

Floppazilla, Protector of the World, Defender of Nature.

See Floppazilla.

Binghidorah, the Golden Three-Headed Beast, Devourer of Worlds[]

Binghidorah, the Golden Three-Headed Beast, Devourer of Worlds.

See Binghidorah.

Other Gods[]


Cnaaghurh, the Endless Fractal with the Face of Chlamydoselachus anguineus.

See Cnaaghurh.

Skerat, the Hungry One, Consumer of Planets[]

Skerat, the Hungry One, Consumer of Planets.

See Skerat.

Skerat is a titanic beetle the size of continents. Skerat arose, presumably with Cnaaghurh due to the abundance of prey. It was a period of creation, where worlds were plenty, and gods more so. Cnaaghurh followed him due to his fantastic sense of smell, capable of picking up Skerats prey from thousands of lightyears away. However, Skerat never tracked Cnaaghurhs prey. He tracked his prey, planets. Altough, gods tended to hang out near planets, so its a win-win situation.

When Skerat finds a planet, he dives towards it before landing on his legs. This does major damage to the planet. After doing this, he uses his tounge (which he also uses to smell) to burrow down into the core of the planet to suck out its life force. Once hes finished, the planet explodes and he is catapulted into space to hunt for his next victim.

Biblically Accurate Floppa[]

Biblically Accurate Floppa.

See Biblically Accurate Floppa.

Voughu, the Blood God[]

Cnaaghurh's feasting left behind.. scraps. From these chunks of rotting god flesh and energies coalesced Voughu. Voughu is the larval horror child of Cnaaghurh. Cnaaghurh ordered the entity to infest everything it possibly could, coating planets and systems with his flesh.

Voughu however disobeyed his "father" and attempted to infest the Consular. The Consular battled with Voughu until he finally struck one of Voughu's festering blisters, it cried out in pain.

While Cnaaghurh used Voughu only for its own benefit, it still saw it has a child and loved it. Cnaaghurh pulled Voughu into its body, where it waits to reform and spread its blood and gore across all of reality.

Avantra, the Defender of Mars[]

Avantra was a goddess which was born from a supernova. She was given her own planet upon her birth which she made it her life task to defend it and make it's population live a good life. She started the growth of multiple things on Mars which would be required for sapient species to live and started the evolution of multiple Martian species.

Mars was invaded by Necroflops and Flopspikes somewhere in Mars' history and the Martian War began between Avantra and the invaders. After years of fighting, the Necrofloppix we're trapped in the ocean and the Flopspikes only left Type Bs behind. Anermis, the Eliminator of Damaged Planets had the intent of destroying Mars, however he was stopped by Avantra who sacrificed herself to fend off Anermis, saving Mars.

It is rumored by Martian natives that she to this day protects Mars as a spirit.

Death of the First Flop[]

After a long time, Bougar's jealousy towards Floppus grew bigger and stronger. His anger towards the First Flop also rose quickly. Bougar thought that he, as a member of the Children of the First Flop, should've got the same treatment by the First Flop and other gods. However, whenever Bougar requests this to the First Flop, it always denies it and says that Bougar is paranoid.

One time, Bougar secretly entered the Palace of the First Flop. The First Flop was in a dormant state. Bougar then went into the Chamber of the Black Flop, the source of the energy of the First Flop. Bougar cut the connection from the Black Flop to the First Flop, ending the First Flop's life. Bougar then saw the First Flop's soul blowing apart. Bougar sat on the throne, claiming victory and domination over other gods.

The War Between Gods[]

"Tonight, we feast on the conflict and corpses of the greedy ones who do not wait. The ones who wait, are the ones who will benefit Voughu. We will feast on the bodies of the ones who do not wait, and become the most powerful entities in the Floppaverse. All of our enemies will drown in our combined corpulence!"

As Bougar sat on the First Flop's throne, Floppus entered the Palace, realizing something was wrong. Floppus then shouted in anger towards Bougar, interrogating him. Bougar denied it and even blamed it on Floppus. He then summoned his sword, the Excalibingus, the most powerful weapon in the Floppaverse. Floppus, using his magic drawn from the Black Flop, attacked Bougar first, damaging his armour. The Fight Between Gods began, marking the start of the War of the Gods.

The Destroyer took the chance to take over the throne. The Destroyer battled The Consular, who protected the throne, but The Consular was defeated. The Executor also saw this as an opportunity, but The Consular beat him as he lost his powers. The Consular tried to intervene between Floppus and Bougar, but Bougar beheaded The Consular and kicked Floppus in the face.

Multiple lesser demi-gods and even gods also battled, but Cnaaghurh picked them off one by one to feast on with his kin. Cnaaghurh ordered his children to attack and bring him all the sustenance possible. Voughu attacked the Consular once again, but the Consular used a portal to warp in a planet to crush him. This attracted Skerat, who began consuming the planet, sending large chunks all around the battle zone. Cnaaghurh also tried to take the throne, but after seeing the larger gods battling, he and his kin retreated into the nebulae to feast.

Meanwhile, Binghidorah attacked Floppazilla, which was protecting the Valley of Elixir, the source of welfare. Floppazilla then battled Binghidorah, but Binghidorah almost cut Floppazilla in half. Fius Primus also took part in the action by fighting for the Valley of Elixir as well. Fius Primus broke itself into titans who curb-stomped Binghidorah and Floppazilla. Binghidorah was shot down by Floppus when he accidentally shot a bolt of godly lightning over the roof.

The war went on thousands of years until Floppus sent Bougar to the Realm of the Death, ending the War of the Gods.

"So it begins. The war that will tear the Floppaverse apart."
The Consular to The Killer

Genesis of Time[]

"Then, time comes. Time, which has always been seen as the driving force towards destruction by the First Flop, comes into effect. From there on, the Floppaverse starts, branching into new timelines, was the only thing the First Flop ironically wanted to avoid."
The Executor

After the War of the Gods, the prison which jailed time itself was broken since the First Flop, who kept time at bay, died. Then, the Genesis of Time came, which started the flow of time. Seconds started to pass until planets began moving in their orbits and specks of dust by the winds. Life then manifests upon hearing the revelation. The Floppaverse has begun.