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Old Ogga was a writer, philospher, artist and botanist., born under the name Callimorphus the Sogger.


Old ogga was born in the greek occupied Crimea, in the city of Eupatoria. His father, a physician, and the mother, where deemed “state enemies” and were exiled. Forced to move and travel constantly, young Old Ogga developed an affinity for such things, and from an early age decided he would one day travel the world.

During one travel, they were assaulted by bandits: most of their possessions where stolen and his mother died. His father was devastated and died of illness a few years later, when Ogga was just 13.

Fortunately, he was noticed by an indian sage, Harimedhas “Soggajña” (literally meaning sogga-knowing) travelling in the region and was fostered by him. The sage taught him mathematics, astronomy, geometry, history, which Ogga seemed to recieve well despite his unruly attitude. He would always object everything, orchestrate complex tricks, and generally engage in trolly attitude. He became a master of rethoric, able to deconstruct every statement no matter how true or fundamental, and reassemble it leading to absurd conclusion. He would be able to prove that the sun does not exist, that he is a god and the antichrist simultaneously, that he was able to fly, all this while hiding his logical fallacies deep within his discourses.

Before dying in the city of New Rinkus, he composed his last masterpiece. Everything is sogg.

The philosophy of SOGGism[]

According to Old Ogga's philophy, everything is sogg.

"I understand that: everything is sogg. Because, if everything wasn't sogg, then it would be the opposite of sogg; and since opposite things have opposite properties, such that since everything is sogg, then nothing is not sogg. But "nothing" does not exist. This is the proof that: everything is sogg".