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The old Ayoongas Mining Ltd. headquarters are a group of 2 buildings, oddly located in northern Morocco on top of an aquifer. They have been built in 1943 and abandoned only around 1967.

The buildings[]

Being on top of a large aquifer, it is not very strange to learn that around the building sits a Pinus pinaster forest, around half a mile in diameter, along with other xerophytic species which benefit from the shade from the trees. At the edge of the forest, sits a small, steppe like habitat that quickly dissipates into the moroccan desert. Seeing the HQ from a distance might seem like a miracle, as many employees had described. At the center of this forest sit two buildings, rectangular in shape, composed of four stories. A large sign, sitting on the biggest building says "Ayoongas Mining Ltd. [unintelligible] sacrifice" followed by an image of a floppa with a yellow helmet.

The interior of the building corresponds with a typical corporate headquarter, although damaged by time, the roof of the building having collapsed long ago. Urban explorers have noted a sweet, ether like smell on the lower floors of the building.

Inside a room on the first floor seem to be present symbols drawn in a dark, now dry substance. One instance of these depicts the face of a caracal, with its ears removed and held by two shadow-like figures on its left and right. The other consists of what appears as several men and floppas in crudely drawn in suits bowing to an unrecognizable entity, due to severe damage in that part of the wall. Authorities have determined the substance to be dessiccated blood, containing hypertoxic levels of gold, platinum, saltpeter, ruthenium, iron, and various heavy metals including lead and thallium.

Gateway floppa[]

One of the many photos of Gateway

There have been several witnesses and accounts of an individual known as "Gateway" by the explorers. There hasn't been enough information to know if the entity appears on a pattern or randomly, and is rarely encountered.

When encountered, the entity will be standing near a wall, looking in the distance. The entity can be interacted with and talked to. Some explorers asked the entity to explain the ritual drawings in the room. The entity responded: "They summoned my master to send me here, but they did not pay the deal in time. As a result, they all died horribly and I am stuck here. [Untranscribable] can't do anything about it. But I will still do my duty if asked. At least I have something to do."

When asked why did they want it here, the entity responded: ""ship'' equipment, metal and other resources to other places, mostly to a place called "The backrooms" were their buyers are. If you want I can take you there."

The entity is capable of teleporting any physical instance to other dimensions on command, and "The backrooms" have become the main destination of urban explorers visiting the HQ, now a closely guarded secret in the community.

Other activity[]

  • Recently, at least 3 explorers have witnessed the Uranium floppa patrolling around the perimeter of the building.
  • During the night, sounds of loud running of a sizable group of entities can be heard inside the building, despite those entities not existing/being immaterial.


"I was amused to learn that the old Ayoongas Mining HQ, which I didn't even know existed, is located in a forest in Morocco, away from civilisation and without any road that could lead to it. Weird" - anonymous Ayoongas Mining miner.