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Computer Render of Obamium

Obamium is one of the less common natural resources in Bingustan, being rare and hard to find, usually found at least 3 miles (4 kilometers) deep or more. Obamium has been mentioned only a few times in the economic standpoint of Bingustan, and multiple times in history, since the Great Obamium Crisis (2019), where a highway for Obamium imports exploded, possibly by the Floppa Clan, which almost started the Obamium War, a theorized series of events that would lead to the end of the floppa clan. Obamium has barely been studied by scientists, since it is so rare and usually, when Bingus Miners find them, are convinced to keep it by the obamium, since it wants to remain mysterious.

A picture of a Bingustani miner finding Obamium

In its most common allotrope, pure elemental Obamium has a pyramidal crystal structure, and through unknown means, it shows the face of the african-american equivalent of Barack Flobama on its whole surface. How scientists managed to know that it was Barack Obama is unclear, but LSD is thought to have been involved. It can also be forged from 10.45 tons of Autismium and 3.3432 tonnes of Linusium, it then must be forged in a 104000 degrees celicius forge and cooled for 17 days in a mixture of Floppa Fur and Linseed oil.

Like many heavy elements, it tends to sink into Earth's core. As such, the crust is scarce in Obamium but the mantle has up to 50000x more Obamium. Mining in earth's mantle is currently being researched by Ayoongas Mining.

For some reason, the Obamium in its natural state is always a square-based pyramid, scientists predict that the shape comes from how the materials are formed, but more thorough research is still being done.

A new offshoot of Obamium was discovered in 2021, susium A1. Susium is a highly radioactive substance that cannot occur in nature.

Obamium cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed.

-Newton's first law