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The Nuking of Flopscow was an event in 2044 where Western Chiflop, which stole nukes from the Republic of Chiflop nuked Flopscow, strongly weakening Floppaslavia.

The Tsar survived the nuke, however he had to move the capital to Flopsk. Floppaslavia is in search of new nukes.


Western Chiflop, which had to rely on it's own supplies and the collapse of Bingustan entirely thought that if they could get some country to bow up to it it could get the sweet supplies it got from Bingustan, and they thought that they could achieve that with superior military force.

They knew about the Bingustani Raid Group, as Bing Yeliang (dead by then, suceeded by Xi Bingus) went on meetings with Bingus and other communist leaders to get info about things. If they can get a handful of arrested B.R.G members then they could achieve their wish.

Prison Break-in[]

Xi Bingus, who lead Western Chiflop had an idea. They could get multiple agents to the prison disguised as guards and break out the B.R.G members. They knew that some we're detained in Goobi Desert Prison which was one of the less guarded prisons, because it was in the middle of a desert.

At 5:09 AM, multiple agents working for Western Chiflop infiltrate, they manage to get guard uniforms. They also had maps of the prison, making breaking out the B.R.G members much easier. On 5:58 AM, the B.R.G members we're broken out of the prison and now working for their ally.

Nuke Acquirition[]

The B.R.G Members and the Western Chiflopese government knew that they couldn't justs get nukes without warning, they had an idea to fool the workers into thinking that the nukes have to be re-located to a nuke base near Western Chiflopese border due to threats of an invasion.

Upon trying it a few days later, the workers actually authorized the re-location, now all that Western Chiflop had to do was get the nukes from the base that the nukes we're re-located to.

A week later, on March 21st, Western Chiflopese troops stormed the nuke base, taking the nukes as fast as they could. Presumably 54 of the nukes have been taken, which is presumably all of the nukes in that nuke base. Western Chiflop now has a chance to get the supplies they need.

Nuking of Flopscow[]

On 7:19 PM, March 29th, one of the nukes that Western Chiflop stole has hit Flopscow's main nuke base, where a large portion of Floppaslavia's nukes are located. Screaming immeaditely filled the streets as the skins of people began to burn from the explosion.

The Tsar of Floppaslavia, who was on a visit to Flopsk was not at the explosion, however his wife died in the explosion because she was there to take care of business. The Tsar did not want to declare war on Western Chiflop as all of his nukes have been destroyed and Western Chiflop was in possesion of nukes as well.

The Tsar moved the capital to Flopsk as there was nothing left of Flopscow anymore, he is currently in search of nukes to defend his country but success seems impossible.


Various allies of Floppaslavia such as the Floppersian Empire and Soggapore (which had acquired the previously unused Bingustani Nuclear Silo) were encouraged by the Tsar to launch their nuclear arsenals against Western Chiflop. The 4 biggest cities in Western Chiflop were all destroyed and the country was economically crippled, Chiflop launched a land invasion of Western Chiflop shortly after.