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This is how New Rinkus look nowadays.


New Rinkus (Navarinkus in Avestan), is a an ancient floppersian city, founded about 423 BF. Modern day New Rinkus is a sprawling center of trade, and has been constistently modernized to facilitate it, with bigger roads, wider squares, and easier access. Due to its strategical importance, it is frequent place of invasions and terrorist attacks by rival states and groups.

New Rinkus population is about 6.3 millions, 75% of which aren't stable and only come to the city for trade, or tourism. The actual inhabitants of the city are about 1.7 million and composed of 79% floppas, 12% african golden cats, and the rest being soggas and fleppas. The composition of the whole population, temporary migrants inclused, is incredibly diverse and comprised of equal parts of every cat type.

The city is secondarily famous for its university, constructed in the medieval period and one of the first in the oriental world, named Long Rinkus University, teaching arithmetic, geometry, finance, and the arts of trade. Recently humanistic studies were added aswell but aren't as popular.


New Rinkus' city was founded in 423 BC on account of the Floppersian Empress Flopbahar I. Being situated south of the Caucasus, and at the time at the border of the empire, it was at constant danger of being attacked and raided, which is why the reason for such a foundation is not completely known. It was probably an attempt of creating a strong center of power in the north of the old capital to be able to better and quickly react to an invasion by possibly the (insert interesting name) , through the allocation of a modest portions of the army in the city. Gonna continue later lmaooo

New Rinkus was invaded by US Forces during the Zabloing-American War.


New Rinkus is well known worldwide for being an emporiopolis (city which is mostly dominated by markets and bazaars) and the place where the most important, biggest and famous markets of the Floppersian Empire are located. Its markets are visited by people from every nation and all walks of life, even the poor and rejected are welcomed, especially if they have something to sell or to buy.

Famous writer Old Ogga, who visited the city, wrote this in his diary about the market:

"2nd day at the city; after resting in my hotel room for the first day, I finally have the energy to take a look at the market. I thought to myself "Well, this is going to be a relaxing experience: looking at the merch, smelling the spices and fruits, vibin with the colorful cloths and carpets". And for the most part it followed my expectations: however while returning home something striked me. An enormous gathering of merchants, an imperial officer, some generals, policemen trying to get throgh the crowd. At the center of the crowd, lied a floppa. Get closer and investigate. Dude was trying to sell the concept of "selling". The literal abstract concept of "selling". I do not know how I managed to know that, I can't even describe it (which is impossible), but I swear that mf was selling the fucking concept of "selling". How? I know but at the same time don't, can't ??. I will go to bed now. What if you bought that shit, what could you do with it? Buy it and then destroy it to collapse world economies? Cursed reality."

Old Ogga was subsequently found dead in his room the day after, autopsy inconclusive. Following thaumaturgic analysis revealed the cause of death to be a rapid shift of the fine structure constant in the volume of space containing his body. How this happened cannot be understood with current knowledge.