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''Shit Wack''

-A Freek citizen

The Freek Junta, officialy the National State Of Freece was an independent country in southern Europe controlled by the dictator, Fleorgios Flapadopoylos. It was a Neo-Fascist state established after the 1967 Freek Coup d'etat with the new President being Fylianos Flappakos. It's rulling party from 1967 till 1972 was the Party of the Colonels and from 1972 till it's fall in 1979 the Union of April.


The Coup And Early Years[]

After the resignation of the Freek Prime Minister in 1967, Fleorgios Flapadopoylos and 2 other military colonels decided to execute their plan of a military coup in april of 1967, taking advantage of the political crisis. Together with 25th Floppa National Combined Arms Division and the tank training school, they took strategic positions around the city while arresting politicians. Tanks and infantry siezed and executed everyone inside, including the Prime Minister. After the fall of Falthens and a failed royalist counter-coup, the new governemnt was established. The new organization of the government was:

Flapadopoylos As Prime Minister, while the role of Prime minister was renamed to ''Chief Minister''

Fylianos Flappakos as President

Nikolaos Falazeos as Head of the Ministries

Mid Years[]

As the new state was established, Freece changed rapidly. New anti-LGBT and anti-Communist policies were put in effect and the parliament became a puppet of Flapadopoylos himself to assure confidence in the government. The military was given more power than needed while propaganda glorifying the coup of 1967 was put everywhere in every corner of the nation. A secret police was established, the EAT/ESA while the military police and paramilitary forces were merged into IDEA/EAE. Communists and dissidents where sent to islands including Bingaros while EAT/ESA jailed a large ammount of dissidents while some where sent to camps, including ''Lambraki Camp''. The police received military equipement including: 10000 AR-15 rifles, new uniforms and old military helmets, 900 APCs and 45 tanks. The governemnt was embarged by many countries, while it was supported by the U.F.A heavily, letting the dictatorship survive until 1979.

Late Years[]

By the 70's the state had became Flapadopoylos' dream fascist state. Organizations like Organization X and the party ''Golden Flop'' were merged into the ''Union of April'', the new ruling party in Freece. Around that time, Flappakos decided to start a genocide of LGBT members and Soggas, in an effort to ''Purify The State''. Flapadopoylos and Falazeos supported this, starting the 1972-79 Sogga Genocide, in which 145.300 Soggas where killed. In 1973, Flappakos resigned as President after his right leg and left arm were blown up and had to be amputated after a failed assasination attempt, making way for Pheadon Makenzis to become President in 1973. Pheadon was a hardline ultra-national socialist and had the power to do many things without question, leading to the ''1973 National Revival Bill'', a set of negative reforms that gave Flapadopoylos and Pheadon the power to do anything without question, with the excuse of Flappakos' resignation being regarded as an ''Emergency''. The bill allowed Makenzis to enlargen the Sogga Genocide to include all Soggas in Freece, even the few that supported the Junta. Most of the remaining soggas migrated out of Freece, mostly to Floppaflopvakia (closest thing to Sogland at the time) while the few that remained where sent to Lambraki Camp or directly executed. Makenzis also, using this bill had the military execute the remaining exiles in the exile islands, resulting in 7.640 deaths. In 1976 there was a mass demonstration of students at the Law School. As the students refused to scram from the school, they were shot at by the military, with 4 of the 98 dying and 29 getting badly wounded.

Decline and Fall[]

In 1978, the UFA sent a telegram to the N.S.F Parliament saying that if the government does not remove Falaezos and Makenzis from the government while making the parliament independent, all support would die down. Flapadopoylos feared that accepting the demands would lead to government weakness and revolution, so he never answered. 3 Months later, all UFA troops stationed in Freece left the N.S.F resulting in worries in the public.

A Propaganda poster gloryfying the 1967 Coup

Folitexnio Uprising[]

In late 1978, students of Flolitexnio University, together with school students and students from other universities blocked all roads leading to the University, eventually entering the now fort-like Folitexnio. Their motto was ''Bread, Education and Freedom!'', a motto which they shouted to the very end of their uprising. Soon local citizens joined in and by the day after there where 1.200 people inside. Soon they opened a radio station that anybody could possibly accidentally come into. By the third day, the military using tanks and APCs has entered the area and had broken the road blocks. By the fourth day, the military declared National Martial Law and had surrounded the University. By the fifth day, the military demanded the students to scram, giving them 4 days. By the sixth day, they had organised military-like fortifications around the University, while a small amount of people joined in through lightly-guarded areas. By the seventh day, the un-armed civilians of the University were running out of food and only had enough for 3 days, sadly they wouldnt use them for 2 more days. By the ninth day, all of Freece was worried for the students until a speech was heard once again like the day of the 1967 coup:

''Paramilitary insurgeants of a political minority have taken over our glorious universities and schools while stoping National Education! Our great state shall withhold the test of time and defeat this insurgeants! Our Freece of Freeks Of Christians Shall Withhold! Glory to Freece! Glory to Freece Of Freece Of Christians!

-Fleorgios Flapadopoylos, November 23rd of 1978 at 11:06 at night.

At 11:08 of the same day, tanks started to emmass near the gate of the University, At 11:11 the tanks left, expect for one, AMX-30 Number 130. 130 went back at 11:14 and soon out of the hatches the gunner and commander popped out looking at the university. Soon the tank commander said:


with a megaphone at 11:16m. The students knew what was coming and in both the radio and the University shouted:


The Tank Ready to Break the Gates

Soon the students where singing the National Anthem by 11:18. One photoreporter managed to get to the scene, taking pictures and broadcasting to a small TV station, allowing the Freek public not only to hear the horror from the radio but also to see it, and what they would see soon would shock them. At 11:19 the tank's engine started up again and soldiers went behind it. It's Commander and Gunner hid inside again. At 11:20, a sound was heard from the gun breach, which people now believe to be the loader putting the shell in the tank. At 11:21, the tank started moving until at 11:22 it reached the gate. While it started rolling against the metal gate there were 3 students on top of the gate, one of them wielding a pre-Junta Democratic Movement Freek Flag. About 2 seconds after the tank reached the gates, the gate fell and almost immediately, the 3 students and 14 others near the gate were crused to death, while the other tanks that had left earlier came back, shooting their machine guns. Few seconds later the main tank shot it's cannon together with the other. The public was shocked at what their ''Patriotic'' army had done. By the end of the day of the 1.200 students, 432 had died.

End of the Junta[]

The state enforced martial law until early 1979, when martial law ended public outrage still continued, despite what Flapadopoylos hoped. Soon the poeple and most of the surviving students marched to the Parliament and raised the Democratic Movement flag while entering while the politicians inside were confused. Flapadopoylos at the Prime Minister's house knew the end was now. Falaezos was captured by the people who had stormed parliament while all 3 branches of the military held an all out mutiny against the state. Soon on March 14th, 4 days after the break out of the revolt, the military intervened, but not in the side of the military. The military entered parliament with students on top of the tanks entering and just like the 1967 coup, killed all politicians inside, including Markenzis, whos body was put on the streets and stepped on by almost all of Falthens. The government died out 3 days later and the Provisional Governemnt was formed, which soon became the Republic Of Freece. The members of the junta governemnt were trialed and sent to life in prison in Freece Big Prison™️. The Junta was over and the people where finnaly free.

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