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Not to be confused with Googas


Mt Googas is a mountain located on the Floppaslavian/Bingustani border, housing a multitude of biomes.

It was originally cut into half within Floppaslavia and Bingustan but after the Treaty of Flopscow all of Mt. Googas became Floppaslavia. Also near the north of Mt. Googas is located Flopperinburg, which is the administrative center of Soggenia.

The interior of the mountain is said to be where Googas Khan was buried after his death. The area around the mountain is literred with military fortifications built by Floppaslavia in 1915 during the Great Floppa War. Among these is large research facility, which has survived mostly intact albeit sealed.


Research facility

The Floppa Clan located a research facility at the side of the mountain in March 18, 2013 which to this day remains untitled. The facility itself is sealed off but they speculate that it was most likely built by the Floppaslavian and Floppersian armies which occupied Mt. Googas in 1915 - 1916. It was probably used to research weapons and plan further offensives.

The facility is located in the forest layer of the mountain.

Biome Description[]

As mentioned in the start of the page, there are multiple biomes. This will list all of them.

  • Forests (Spruce Type) (bottom, filled with villages, where most of the fighting between Soggastan and Floppaslavia in 1916-1917 occured) 0-2398
  • Plains (bottom, filled with farms and villages.) 0-2398
  • Lake Gungas (frozen lake, can be fully walked on)
  • Icy Cliffs (middle, home to a different facility) [[1]]
  • Ice deadlands (semi-top) 7297-top (has weird plants)
  • Peak (top)
  • Peak Caves (inside peak, incredibly dangerous)


  1. The Mountain has sort of 4-5 weird creature types, also known as Floppyeti
  2. The mountain has weird plants that is nowhere in the world anymore. The taste is fresh fruit, and tasty. The bottom plant (2cm) and upper (2cm) are toxic, but the middle (1m) is safe to consume. The plant is familiar to the shape of Floppy, albeit much longer.
  3. A less known creature that lives in Mt Googas. is Plompy.
  4. There are 3 landmines near the bottom which still work. (No longer true, as something set all of the mines off in a single night, no one knew what happened but there was no blood or evidence of any machine scraps. It is believed that someone threw a snowball on these mines, triggering them.
  5. Some conspirators believe that the UFA government has a secret base on the mountain, that they use to manipulate people into dreaming about the Dream Floppa. Not much is know and no real supporting evidence was found.
  6. The abandoned bunkers have been turned into historical museums, and everyone is allowed to visit.

There are important minerals inside the caves as important as Obanium and Floppa Cube.

In 2019,it was discovered that there was a chest containing a script with the title saying The secrets of a famous rapper written by Big Flopppa in 2015.The discovery happened in the altitude of 4000 metres.

On the mountain there was created a new facility in 2020 for researching the caves and the Plompies