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Mike de la Cruz is a former poet who used to help Big Floppa write lyrics for his rap songs, nowdays he works as a diplomat for the Floppa Clan economics branch. He can often be seen teaching Floppa culture the new recruits.

Early life[]

Mike was an orphan living in Miami, from the age 16 he began taking interest in writing poems, he also coincidentally inspired a band called 1000 gecs. In his colege years he met Big floppa after he got transfered to his school, the two became friends and Mike agreed to help him kickstart his rapping career since Mike was inspired by Big Floppas determination to become a rapper.

Floppa Clan[]

Mike eventually got an invitation from Big floppa himself to join the floppa clan, he gladly accepted and began helping in establishing the economics branch with Big Floppa's father. After Big floppas death however, he began to distance himself from the rest of the clan. Eventually this led to him going on a one year business trip to help establish the Flops Mining Co. in Flopxico. When someone tried to visit his office but found no one except a note, it said:

"Chegg is not who he seems to be"

Political Career[]

Mike is currently a senator from Florida who serves as an assistant leader in the Floppa Congress.


Mike has an alias he used for his poems since he didnt want his real name to be released to the public

Mike is a gamer