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Mad Drip Floppa was a dear friend of the late Big Floppa. Not much else is known other than he has mad drip. His swag hat had way too much drip and could not be defeated unless his beanie got removed. He acquired some new shoes which further increased his amount of drip.

MDF was the leader of the Floppa Clan after the Death of Lil Floppa, he was selected as leader by popular vote.

Upon being elected leader he made peace with Floppaeda and betrayed the UF and Floppaslavia.Mad Drip was a devoted Floppaeda follower. He was presumed to be the one to kill Bingus.

"I will kill the infidel Bingus. Glory to Big Floppa and Floppaeda" -Mad Drip on Bingus

This was a controversial decision as there were many anti-Floppaeda members of the Floppa Clan, many of which left and joined rival organizations.

He also had a cousin in Great Britain named Alex, also called Funny Hat Floppa.

Mad Drip died in 2021, presumably by Soggener Glopnar.

Presumed attack on Floppa Crips Gang[]

''they be fucking lying bro. We gonna prevent them from getting more of our boys!'' - Mad Drip Floppa

3 weeks after Operation No Crips took place, Floppa Crips Gang announced an attack towards Floppa Clan. 3 days after Big Floppa's death they responded to rumors that they phased out the plan. Mad Drip Floppa believes that they are lying and they are just getting ready for the second phase of their attack. He has announced an attack towards Floppa Crips Gang to prevent them from ''getting more of Floppa Clan's boys.''

The attack has begun yesterday and as of writing this, Crip Floppa is officialy dead. The attack was a success.