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Born: may 2 1982 Presumed dead born in: New Rinkus

Vlad Linkus Born: may 2 1982-2012 Born in: New Rinkus

Early life[]

Vlad Linkus was born in new Rinkus to parents who are unknown. He lived a very comfy and happy life and was a very happy nice child. He stayed in New Rinkus for most of his life, until in 2010 when he moved to Bingustan as proved with "democratic republic". In result it was communist, but he still had much appreciation for bingus.

Support for Bingus and middle life[]

Even after leaving the Bingustan army, Linkus continued to support Bingus and said he would support Bingus until the day he died. Linkus eventually changed his name to Vlad to show his love for Bingus's name. There was a rumour Linkus tattooed Bingus's name on his inside lip beside a heart. Vlad Linkus hated Big Floppa.

Linkus's cults and claims[]

Linkus was rumored to own a cult called "The Five Rules of Bingus". He was seen multiple times walking into a abandoned building and other ex Bingustan soldiers would show up and wouldn't leave until exactly 10 hours later. Linkus claimed to have killed 18 Soggas via poison but no proof was never found of those claims. Linkus claimed to be a contracted killer but no proof was ever found from his claim. **Update** 2 bodies of Soggastan citizens were found in areas Linkus claimed to have left them. They both were revealed to be poisoned.

First arrest.[]

Linkus was arrested in 2002 in the united flops of america on charges of threats of terrorism and threats to another beings life. Linkus took a trip to United flops of america in 2001 and had threatened to place a bomb in Big Floppa's House and studio and later confronted Floppa in front his house then saying " I have killed 18 Soggas in 18 different ways I think I can find a 19th way for you". He evaded athourities for 9 months until his arrest on may 19th 2002. Linkus was convicted on 3 charges and spent 9 months in maximum security prison until his release. It is said he met multiple of his cult members in prison.

The dissapearence of Linkus[]

Linkus disappeared on April 5 2010, 7 hours after going to a cult meeting. He frantically called the Cult members for help but no one came. Linkus made multiple short calls during his kidnapping, but he was never found. Linkus was presumed dead until a body was found just under 2 years later. The case was closed 2 years after the kidnapping. In multiple recorded calls you can hear Linkus crying for help and begging to be let go until the line went cold. Update: on Febuary 24 2012, Linkus's body was found sitting on a chair inside a broken down house on the rural area of Flopberia. The body was tortured and injured, and it was decomposed as well. Autopsy revealed Linkus had been stabbed over 12 times and then shot 3 seperate times in the stomach and died to blood loss, No suspects ever were questioned and the case is cold to this day. His cult "The five rules of bingus" meets once a year to commemarate Linkus in a 5 hour long "session of silence" according to inside witnesses.

Phone call details[]

During his last phone call, these words were said:

*shooting sound* *gasp* PLEASE HAVE MERCY! *steel hit sound* PLEASE NO SAVE ME! *hit sound* AAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAAAAAA AAAAA *knife stab sound* ASAAAAA HELP
Call number 2, 2010 April 5th at 23:32: AH, MAYBE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND, FELLOW BINGUSTANi-hit and shot sound* HELP ME *gunshot sound**stabbing sound* AWAAAAAAAAAA aaaaaah MY LOCATION IS FOREST NEAR FLOPBER*******call ended*******

However if the Bingustani soldier could accept the call he could save him, but he was few hours late.