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Lake Zabloing is a lake in the state of Wyoming, UFA which has a shape that somewhat resembles that of a funny cat known as Zabloing. It's a rather deep lake, with the current depth still not being fully known. The creatures of the lake are known to be quite curious, and some of the fish have ears resembling those of a caracal.

It's usually fairly warm, though during the winter it can freeze over depending on how severe it is.

Satellite picture of the lake.


Floppa Fish[]

The Floppa Fish are a species of cod which have ears simular to that of a caracal, the ears seem to have no functional purpose and if anything seem to hinder it's ability to move in the water. They are unable to survive outside of Lake Zabloing, presumably due to some undiscovered characteristic of the water in Lake Zabloing that scientists haven't been able to replicate. They primarily live near the surface, but can sometimes be found deep underwater as well.