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About The Kingdom Of Freece[]

The Kingdom of Freece was a nation established in 1832 and recognized by the major powers in the Flopdon confrence. It was the first fully recognized independent Freek state (the Revolutionary Republic Of Freece was not recognized by many countries). It was dissovled in 1978 after dictator Flapadopoylos officialy after Florantinos the 2nd was exiled by flapakos.

History of the Kingdom Of Freece[]

In 1821 the Revolutionary Republic Of Freece was established and after the death of it's 1st leader in 1829 and death of the hero flolokotronisin 1832. In 1832 the great powers in the Flopdon Conference decided that freece should be a monarchy, and led by the Favarian price Flotto. Flotto acted liked a dictator and didnt allow the kingdom to get a constitution. Until 1868 Flotto ruled freece but was overthrown after the ''The Guillotine Constitution'', a revolt. After 30 days of a provinsional government the great powers decided that Freece should be ruled by the Flopish Dynasty and Fleorge Of Flopmark. From 1868 to 1976 (officialy 1978) the dynasty ruled Freece until the Flapadopoylos regime took over and established the 1976 Junta (the National Republic Of Freece) .

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