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Kimbo (2020-2037) is a wildcat notably popular for his following on social media sites such as floppagram and gloptok. Kimbo has many great fans on these sites and has become quite a huge celebrity over the years, sparking popularity on gloptok in 2021 by many floppa fan pages. Because of Kimbo's wild popularity, he has met many prominent figures such as Funny Hat Floppa and Chegg.


Kimbo was born on the 10th October 2021 in the Republic of Zabloing. During his early years, Kimbo grew up in the Republic of Zabloing. Kimbo was an activist for Floppish independence from Great Sogtain. Kimbo goes on record saying "tbh those Sogts are making me mad. Can we focus on the far superior Floppishmen". Kimbo spend his platform making awesome content that is cool and epic. Kimbo is a believer in floppism too.


At the age of about 6 zagloops, Kimbo gained a large following on Gloptok. Kimbo met Chegg during the grieving of his father's death (yes he was still grieving a year later). Kimbo has become a very good friend of Chegg and goes on record saying "Chegg the homie fr." Kimbo has funded the floppa association in secret, but has publicly remained neutral. Kimbo was a big fan of Lil Hoppa too, listening to his music on a daily basis. Kimbo hated Googas and helped in the assassination of him.

Appearance and Personality[]

Kimbo is a standard Male Caracal. Twitter user @Beckgoogle describes him as such, "this is kimbo you can differentiate him from greggy since he doesn’t have the same birthmark above his nose that greggy does" (Beck on Twitter) (Greggy refers to Gregory Carcal AKA Big Floppa) Kimbo loves raw meat as we can see him eating it in many of his posts. Kimbo likes biting and not letting go of fingers too as he can be seen. Kimbo helped many people through many tough times and was well appreciated for it

Social Media[]

Kimbo has a floppagram account with 121k followers (about 176 miligloops) consisting in images, videos, and reposts from his gloptok. Kimbo's gloptok account, contrary to many other accounts, usually does not use songs in them. Kimbo's gloptok mostly consists of him playing and eating. Kimbo has 648K followers on gloptok (about 651 miligloops) Kimbo has a Sogchat account and a Yoink-tube account. Kimbo's yoinktube account only has 727 subscribers at the moment.


Kimbo passed away from natural causes on September 21st, 2037. Kimbo lived to be 17 (the exact year it said Carcals lived to). Kimbo was buried in his hometown, The Republic of Zabloing. Zurboing paid respects to Kimbo during his funeral.