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Justin is Big Floppa's half-brother. He used to live with him in Miami, Florida but now he lives there with just his dad. Despite what most people think, Justin co-produced Floppa's debut record Flop Fo No Hoe. Most think that it's Baweley but in reality he didn't even know about his music career before the album.

He has a cousin - Baweley, and makes weekly podcasts with him called "Floppodcasts"

Personal Life[]

he was born in January 15th, 1982. He was born into a family which put him up on adoption, Alexander Karakal decided to adopt him though. When Big Floppa released his first mixtape he decided to listen a little bit. He liked his music and encouraged him to do more. When Floppa Clan was formed, Justin joined and served as the personal assistant for Big Floppa.

Witnessing Big Floppa's death[]

In December 24th, 2019 he was in the car with Big Floppa, Lil Floppa and his Father and witnessed him getting shot. He claims that he was highly shocked and barely spoke on the trial of Big Floppa's death. He now lives with his father but he fears the same thing will happen to him.


Justin would "Die" in Cheemsrabia after the gate that he curiously went through closed on him. It was said that he might be still alive, and instead takes on a new life as a Cheem under the Flerth's surface.

Eventually after a few weeks, he would come back, beaten and bruised for some reason. It was assumed he was beaten up by some Cheems in retaliation for something.