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Joseph Balin (1985-Present) was a general, high ranking member of the Bingustani ruling class. Bingus considers him his closest follower but he was not the second in command: that would be Bingus' son, Bongus.


Pre coup[]

Joseph was born in Bingtan, a Bingustani village. Throughout his childhood, he was discriminated and considered a second class citizien, constantly harassed and bullied by his peers: particularly lucky, as most sphynxes had no rights and were frequently killed, and his privileged position was probably due to some sogga genes from his paternal line, which legally meant he was free from active persecution. Legally, not socially.

Despite the bullying he still loved and admired Soggaporean culture and wanted to take part of it, but he was forced to flee the country to have a better life in the RoZ. He heard of Vladimir through friends, and started going to his meetings. When he first heard Vladimir speak, he cried, as it was all he ever wanted to hear.

He became a loyal follower and joined Bingus in Soggastan, where he was awarded with the command of 1/4 of Bingus' army. This was a risky move, as Bingus cared mostly about giving his army to loyal, and reputable people, NOT necessarily capable, which could backfire and lead to a crushing defeat. Balin, however, proved quite capable in his military abilities, excelling at quick and swift moves which would catch the enemy unprepared.

After the establishment of the Soviet Republic of Bingustan, the tide changed.

All the bullying, and anger, and harassment, discrimination, insults, he endured in his youth slowly led to a superiority complex, which further spiraled into megalomany. After escaping the war criminal trials of 2023 using forged evidence he began to plan for his rise to power. And in 2024, with the support of 2/3 of the army, he started the 2024 Bingustan coup.

Post coup[]

Balin was not nearly as admired by the civilian population as he was by the army, unrest began almost as soon as he took power and it surged even more when Bingus committed suicide, leading to an organized revolt in Sphynxopolis. Balin sent a full brigade into the city in order to brutally crush the revolt. Having shown the people of Bingustan the lengths he was willing to go to put down revolts, the unrest died down as most did not want to risk their lives in order to 'bring back' a now-dead leader.

Once having secured his position, his objective turned to soggas. In his previous years, he admired sogga culture and soggas, he in fact had a sogga wife before Balin's descent into love for Binguses. Now, he burned with hatred for Soggapore and Soggas. Then, he started a war against Soggapore, previously concluded with an armistice in 2023.

After this, he proceeded to eliminate all soggas within his territory, culminating in the Sogga genocide of 2027.

He tried to avoid conflict with Floppaslavia by sabotaging communications between Soggapore and Floppaslavia by capturing Soggaporean diplomats sent to Floppaslavia, launching cyber-attacks against Soggapore and making empty promises of peace on public television. Eventually the Floppaslavians found out what was happenening in Soggapore and declared war, resulting in the same situation that Bingustan was in during the late 2010s.

Balin's mental state started to decline in 2025, possibly due to becoming senile due to his previously unmentioned fast aging disorder. For a while things were almost the same but in 2027 Balin's mental health had deteriorated to the point where he tried to ban all forms of art and artistry. Around two thirds of the Bingustani upper class denounced him as leader and revolted, starting the Bingustani Civil war. Balin declared martial law but then forgot about the conflict and started posting random things on the state-sponsored propaganda TV channels.


On 2028, Joseph Balin was killed by an assasin during his visit to U.F.A in Detroit. Joseph was replaced with Nikita Bingus who tried to get rid of any propaganda on Balin.

His funeral happened on March 2nd, 2028. The funeral was silent, however the Bingustani Democrats and others celebrated his death.