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Joe Bingus is the former vice president of America and is currently The President after Barack Flobama's death. He became President on the 1st of February, 2021. He stepped down in 2029. His current vice president is Kamala Bingus.


After becoming president Joe Bingus had promised to unban sex, the immediate reaction was mass protesting but People slowly started to accept that he is trying to do good for the Soggas of America since they are Critically Endangered.

The unbanning of sex caused the US-Flopxico Porn market to collapse, as porn was no longer nearly as valuable due to it not being banned. Many prisoners who had been imprisoned for sex or possession of porn were also released during Joe Bingus's presidency.

Joe Bingus also wanted to suspend the Bingus Re-Education Camp because it was too brutal at this point but he was unable to because of another person operating it and not him. He closed the camp in 2024 and replaced it with a therapy for brainwashed people.

Joe Bingus's dementia caused him to accidentally say "fl*pper" (extremely offensive when a non-floppa says it) during a speech in 2024, this almost cost him the re-election but he was still able to win because his opponent said even worse things.

Joe Bingus resigned in 2029, right after Bingustan became a democratic nation. His sucessor was Kamala Bingus, who is Joe's wife.

Immortality Serum[]

Joe Bingus has taken a sample of immortality serum made by a classified American manufacturer. This serum made Joe Bingus can live more than a century, but is still vulnerable to disease.


The Death of Joe Bingus happened shortly after the Destruction of Flopington DC. His death is presumably by stroke.


  • Joe Bingus is the one of the few Sphinxes in America who were spared from the Bingus Re-Education Camp. The main reason for this is because he is a Devout Floppist and supported every action Flobama did.
  • He removed the Diet Coke button on the Presidential Desk
  • Joe Bingus enjoys drone striking middle eastern countries.
  • Joe Bingus visited Detroit to oversee its invasion during the Invasion of Detroit.


"I'm eager to hear, fl*pper here next"

"Can I see your feet Kamala?"

"F*ck Detroit and fl*ppers living there, oh naw did I just said fl*pper?"

”Cool balls Kamala.”